It was all over my Facebook feed yesterday. My friends were up in arms over the Seattle elementary school that renamed Easter eggs to be politically correct. The school is calling them Spring Spheres.

I didn’t get as jacked up about it as other parents I know. (They were mostly the religious types.) I don’t really care if we say Spring Spheres, Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays. I’ll take a pleasant greeting in any form.

But I did think this one was funny. I mean, eggs aren’t even spheres, right? I didn’t do well in geometry, but I think they’re ovals.

What do you think?

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9 replies on “Super PC Easter Eggs”

  1. Kristen, a little googling reveals this to be basically a rumor (‘unconfirmed reports” and “anonymous sources” figure heavily) that Fox and co have escalated into a ‘story’.

  2. What do I think? I think it’s silly, as I do most things PC. Yes, first of all, eggs are not spheres. Secondly, the egg is a important symbol for Easter, Spring…it’s a symbol of rebirth. So I say “phooey!” to the PC crowd.

  3. Many of us wanted it to be true on some level. At least it spreads the west coast PC silliness farther north from my CA home city. Interesting that not one PC egg eater has bitten on the Sphere Poll above — so far.

  4. A teenager who didn’t use her last name, did not disclose the name of the school or the teacher and not a single person in the district that can corroborate the story. How can someone not believe this story???

    It’s the beginning of the War Against Easter! Prepare yourself.

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