The Cookies For Kids’ Cancer Bake Sale in Montclair on Saturday was a big success. Sheila Gibbons, one of the organizers, tell us they raised about $3,000 and may have a matching donor, which means they may have raised a total of $12,000 when you include Glad’s matching donation.

Sheila adds, “If someone couldn’t taste one of our delicious treats, but still wants to take a bite out of cancer, we have an online donation page.

On Thursday, May 26, from 5 pm – 9 pm, Elevation Burger will donate 10 percent of sales to the effort.

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One reply on “Cookies For Kids' Cancer Bake Sale Raises $3,000”

  1. Congratulations and thanks to everyone involved with this wonderful fundraising event. We have a handful of children here in the Baristaville area who have battled cancer, and speaking as the parent of one such child, it warms my heart to see others who will go out of their way for our children.

    Speaking of which, there will be a walk in Verona Park on Sunday, May 22nd, from around 9 – 12, to raise funds for pediatric cancer research and treatment. It will be a great event for all, with activities like face painting for the children, and we hope to raise awareness and funds for childhood cancer research, as the government and private industry contribute next to nothing in this area. We have already reached $45,000! Come join us!

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