When Kyle Tevlin turned 50 on Nov. 24, 2009, she knew she wanted to do more than simply throw herself a party. She wanted to celebrate it in a way that would made her proud. The lifelong resident of Glen Ridge and Montclair had traveled to Uganda and Kenya in 1999, and seen poverty firsthand. “Being exposed to the poorest people in the world, in these rural African villages with no water, electricity, or any basic resources, my view of the world changed entirely,” Tevlin says. “And I came back committed to helping in whatever way I could. I found the work of The Hunger Project, which is about empowering women and men to become self-reliant, to have the best strategies for real change that I’ve ever seen.”

Tevlin’s real 50th birthday party is coming next weekend, on Saturday May 14, a year and a half after her actual 50th birthday, when she sponsors the Dance of the Decades at Arthur Murray Dance Studio, 365 Bloomfield Ave. in Montclair, with a goal of raising $5,000 for the Hunger Project. She’s already raised $3,300 through friends. The cost of the dance is $25 for five hours of dancing, food, raffles and prizes, starting with 50’s music at 5 p.m. and finishing up with 90’s music at 10 p.m.

For more information, check out the flyer here.

What a nice idea. How have you used milestones in your life to give back?

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  1. What a nice idea.

    It sure is. I am all admiration.

    How have you used milestones in your life to give back?

    The last thing I want to read is a thread full of people crowing about how they used their birthday parties to save the world. But that’s just me.

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