There are some topics–believe it or not–that we don’t print on Barista Kids. We don’t cover crotch shots, divorce or internet affairs as they relate to local parenting. Maybe we should write about those things, but now there’s no need. We can just click to Glen Ridge mom Hayley Krischer’s new website called Femamom.

She provides a thoughtful, provocative look at the not-so-pretty and the sometimes-out-there sides of parenthood. “Not that there’s anything wrong with being perfect,” Krischer says. “Kudos to you if you are, but I’m more interested in sharing the blemished, real side of parenting. This goes for covering marriage as well, and all of the the other subjects that fall under family life.”

Here’s an excerpt from a recent juicy post called Lady Balls, How’s Your Pair Hanging? “My fourteen year old daughter told me that being a slut is, well, slutty. But having lady balls, she clarified, means you’re unapologetically slutty.” To read the rest, click to Femamom.

Hmmm, this site is giving me some new story ideas…


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  1. I am so not prepare to be the mother of a 14 year old daughter. Thankfully have at least 10 years to get there..

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