WORDS Bookstore in Maplewood has a very special staff member it wants to introduce to you tomorrow, Saturday, June 25.

Daisy is a yellow lab from the North Star Foundation, an organization that provides Assistant Dog placements for children whose challenges range from autism to serious medical conditions to grief over the loss of a parent. Almost half of their trained dogs have been placed with children with autism. With social interactions being a challenge for children with autism, North Star’s goal is to focus on appropriate early socialization. Children are placed with a puppy in training in order to help create the strongest bond possible between the child and the dog.

Daisy has been partnered with Daniel Zimiles, age 15 and the son of WORDS owners Jonah and Ellen. Daniel has autism and through training and companionship with Daisy, he is learning responsibility and social skills through interacting with the adorable lab. He feeds her, walks her and helps care for her.

Tomorrow, WORDS and Daniel, want to introduce Daisy, as she will become a regular “staff” member at the Maplewood bookstore. His parents tell us, “We hope Daniel will be able to answer questions about Daisy. Daniel likes other children, but it is a challenge for him to communicate with them.”

I have a feeling Daisy will be a big help.

Meet Daisy
Who: All ages.
What: Meet the newest member of the WORDs family, a North Star Foundation yellow lab trained to work with children with autism.
Where: WORDS Bookstore, 179 Maplewood Avenue, Maplewood, NJ
When: Saturday, June 25 at 11 am.
Cost: Free