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Wheeler Antabanez and his friend Mad Mike (who earned his name on this one, for sure) found this sewer drain while canoeing along the Pompton River near its junction with the Passaic. The tunnel is large enough to admit small boats, so, given their nature, they felt obliged to explore as far as they could (wouldn’t you, too?).

A quarter mile in, they came upon a chamber that admitted 3 smaller pipes. The middle pipe was big enough to walk in, but there was no ladder. While Antabanez described being in the storm drain as “an unpleasant feeling,” curiosity nonetheless drove them to make a second trip with a collapsable aluminum ladder in order to infiltrate beyond the obstruction. After all, guys gotta do what guys gotta do.

Take a look at what they found. Oh, and the creepy rendition of “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” is by Antabanez himself.

7 replies on “When Curiosity Calls, Enter a Sewer Drain”

  1. It is a storm water drain, not a sewer drain. They are different things. Believe me, sewer drains smell a little differently.

  2. Playing in storm drains is pretty dangerous and not recommended. I lost a close childhood friend who was drowned in a freak storm while exploring storm pipes. He washed up a few days later about 4 miles away from where he entered.

  3. One pipe led to another pipe which led to another?

    It’s just like the internet, a series of tubes.

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