What did you do over the summer? It’s the perennial question come September and favorite topic for the dreaded school essay. Want to be able to say you did something more exciting than work on your tan? This is your chance.

Next month The United Nations International Year of Youth Culmination Celebration will take place at UN headquarters in New York City, and girls between the ages of 11 and 24 are invited to participate. Hosted by teen sensation and UN Year of the Youth Champion Monique Coleman, the event seeks teen and tween girls who have played leadership roles in their communities and are committed to social change. Girls selected as one of the 192 delegates, a number representative of the members of the UN General Assembly, will attend the day-long event for free.

The two-part event features keynote speakers and members of the press and provides a motivational forum for girls and young women to publicize youth issues and concerns. On August 11, 2011 girls will have the opportunity to speak out, be heard and explore ways they can change the world. The celebration runs from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and includes afternoon break-out sessions at another location.

To be considered for one of the lucky 192 spots, girls must fill out an application and write a short essay on one of the eight Millennium Developmental Goals adopted by the United Nations to be achieved by 2015. Choose one of the UN’s goals of Achieving Universal Education, Promoting Gender Equality, Ending Poverty and Hunger, Improving Child Health, Improving Maternal Health, Combating HIV/AIDS, Ensuring Environmental Sustainability, and Developing Global Partnerships. Write a 200-250 word essay on how you hope to help achieve that goal. Include in your essay why you think you should be selected as a delegate. But don’t wait. Applications are due by July 22.

For an application and more information go to AllyKatzz, the media company for tween and teen girls, which has joined with Coleman’s Gimme Mo’ Foundation to support the event.