I dig my minivan. In just two weeks, we put 253 miles on it. But should we put our family in stick figures on our swagger wagon, too? I’ve seen these decals on rear windows in parking lots from Edgemont Park to Willowbrook Mall. But I don’t know anyone who has bought them personally. So who does decals? I envision a well-meaning mom ordering hers off the internet then sneaking them onto the car while her husband watches golf. Or maybe I have it all wrong and men are driving the stick figure decal craze.

They’re sort of cute, right? It’s fun to count how many kids and pets people cram into their people movers. Or is all of the family pride just too much? Would you do these decals?

6 replies on “Do You Do Decals?”

  1. I think they are a safety issue. I don’t want strangers knowing how many children I have and their names. Refuse to get them…

  2. I’m old enough now that I understand why my parents were so angry that we kids stuck bumper stickers all over the car. I don’t want anything adorning my bumper or windows unless it’s utilitarian: Sun shade, parking permit for work, registration sticker. I think that’s about it.

    Even if these peel off, they don’t serve much of a purpose for me. If it makes someone else happy to have them, great.

  3. Never considered it until recently when I realized I would have to buy one woman, one kid, and two man-sized decals – one for my husband and one for my tall teenage son. I kind of like the imagery although I doubt I’ll actually do it.

    (And I usually don’t see then with names.)

  4. My British friend calls them “American Cheese” decals, obviously because he thinks they are cheesy to adorn your car with. I think they are cute, but would probably not put them on my car.

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