You Are My Flower on Vimeo.

Summer feels like the time to do things that you can never seem to fit in during the rest of the year. We all have more time. My girls are home more, in between five weeks of camp, and the days are longer.

This year, we decided to make a big poster and list all the things we plan to do this season. A Summer To-Do List. Things like: makes S’mores, go to the beach, have more family movie nights, read lots of new books, especially The Little House series, make homemade brownie ice cream sandwiches and many more. Whenever someone in the family thinks of something new, we add it to our list, which is displayed on our refrigerator door. One of the things we added this weekend was making our own hula hoops. An idea I got from watching this video from Elizabeth Mitchell and her family–daughter Storey and husband Daniel. When they’re not being crafty, Elizabeth and family, Storey and Daniel, make great music.

Elizabeth and her family band, You Are My Flower, are regularly played in The Gilmore Home. We’ve been lucky to have become friends with them and they have been so wonderful and generous to our family, inviting our girls to sing with them at many shows. They even invited us to Woodstock, NY last April so the girls could be included in an upcoming DVD they filmed.

Who knew making your own hula hoop was really not that difficult at all? It really just takes a few supplies from the hardware store and you can start shaking your hips in circles in no time.

American Royal Hardware, here we come!

What’s on your Summer To-Do List?