In Baristaville, every town does it differently. We’re talking about letting families know who their child’s teacher will be.

Glen Ridge does it the soonest. Kids meet their next year teacher on the last day of school. I love that idea. I hate waiting until the very last minute to find out and receive a class supply list and have to go shopping when hardly anything is left. That’s how it is in Montclair. Although, we’ve just heard that some Hillside families received their teacher assignments today.

One Bloomfield mom says they learned who the teacher would be on the last day of school too. The letter was included in the report card.

West Orange families still don’t know their teacher, but they did receive supply lists on the last day of school in June. That’s a plus.

SOMA parents and kids are still in the dark about their teacher too, but the district website posts supply lists on its website.

Do you know who your kid’s teacher will be this school year? Are you happy about it?

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  1. Getting our supply lists a little earlier would be nice. In my experience, teachers can ask for really specific, and not always easy to find things.

  2. Glen Ridge’s move-up day has been a great tradition, takes some of the edge off. The Home & School Association also works with the middle school to run a fundraiser–you can order your child’s school supplies for the next year through them for a reasonable amount and the goods are there waiting for your kid the first day of class, all (or mostly) to that teacher’s specs.

  3. For Montclair elementary schools, the supply list is on the district website. Each school lists the requests for each grade. Last year the teacher’s list did not deviate from this posted one. Hope that helps!

  4. It’s not about the supply list – it’s about knowing who the teacher is and preparing your child by finding out who else is in the same class. It is really ridiculous that the BOE doesn’t give out this information in advance just because they don’t want to deal with parents complaining. First of all, they need to just deal with parents, that’s part of the job! And second, parents need to know that that they can complain all they want, but it isn’t necessarily going to change anything.

    Holding us all hostage because they don’t want to deal with parents is absurd.

    I’m sure Glen Ridge parents do the same amount of complaining and yet their Board of Ed gives out this information while kids are still in school in June!

  5. From the Forest Ave school handbook:

    Class Placement

    The placement of children in classes next year is of great importance. As the spring months approach, the teachers and administration spend many hours considering your child’s placement for the next year.

    Many variables are taken into consideration in this very thoughtful process. Our goal is to create heterogeneous classes of equal size at all the grade levels. To this end, the following factors are considered:

    • Learning styles
    • Behavior patterns (self-discipline, work habits)
    • Attitude
    • Emotional and social growth (maturity)
    • Academic strengths and weaknesses
    • Necessary separations
    • Boy/Girl ratios
    • Opportunities for leadership
    • Special needs

    When class placement decisions are made, they will reflect our best judgment based upon individual and group needs. Our main concern is to address the needs of your child. Therefore, we cannot disregard this process and reconstitute classes based on parent requests.

  6. Makes sense! They should make their decision, notify parents WAY earlier than they do now, and repeat some version of the statement on class placement to any parent who complains.

  7. Nishuane parents received their letters today and so did some Maplewood families.

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