I feel very lucky. We came out of Hurricane Irene unscathed. I finally feel safe to say it.

Many of you were not so lucky, including many of the Baristas. If that includes you, we’re thinking of you–hang in there.

  • As of 5:30 am this morning, 265,000 PSE&G customers are still without power.
  • There is an area flood warning in effect until tonight, Monday, August 29 8:45 pm.
  • Montclair is still under a State of Emergency this morning for clean-up.
  • Maplewood, West Orange, Millburn, and many other surrounding towns have no water or low water pressure.

The good news (there is some) is that it will be a beautiful day. The sun will shine and the nights will be clear and cool the next few days. We even had a beautiful rainbow after the storm. Get the kids outside–mine are stir crazy from being inside for the past two days. Get some sunshine and know that better days are ahead.

How are you coping? How are the kids?