Some of us were spared by Irene, but many in Baristaville, and beyond, are still without power and/or water. Having no power, or worse in my opinion, no water, is awful, especially with children. I’ve been inspired by the Facebook statuses and Tweets of gratitude for friends helping:

“We’re all showered thanks to S & E and DG in Glen Ridge and South Orange. We ♥ You.”

I’m hearing stories of residents offering their generators to anyone who needs it, people checking up on one another and opening their homes to each other.

I’ve also love the wonderful attitudes of those dealing with problems:

“We may not have running water, but Netflix is streaming the entire Larry Sanders Show series.”

When we asked how families with children were coping, we received this answer from Maplewood dad, Alan Paul:

A little stressed but kids are having a blast. 11 year old thinks it’s the greatest. We’re letting them run wild w friends Playing cards and x box by flashlight. Grilling everything in freezer, cookies 4 breakfast.

Flood warnings are in effect and PSE&G still has 99,600 customers without power and, while some people in Baristaville now have water, a boil water advisory remains in effect.

Today and in the days ahead, if need be, help someone out. Invite them over to shower (Walleroo needs one), eat dinner, take the kids for a playdate, charge up her phones and portable DVDs… Do something for friend or neighbors.

They need you.

2 replies on “Lend a Hand: We Get By With a Little Help From Our Friends”

  1. Just two hours from here, it is a different world. Media coverage of upstate NY has been scant, but there are lots of people stranded – with homes, bridges and roads lost in the floods. The towns of Prattsville and Windham are devastated.

    The Red Cross need volunteers to help with emergency clean up. If you know anyone that might be interested please pass on.

  2. Also I will be collecting supplies, linens, clothes – if anyone has any leftover hurricane supplies – canned food, candles etc I will take off your hands take upstate this weekend. Thank you Montclair.

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