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The denizens of Little Falls are used to flooding, evacuations and rescue boats in their front yards. But even by Little Falls standards, Hurricane Irene was something else. Our intrepid Passaic River correspondent Wheeler Antabanez went down to the river with his camcorder yesterday and recorded the action. The river was at 13 feet, six feet above flood stage. If you watch all the way to the end, you’ll see how close the white water is to some Little Falls apartments.

Meanwhile, flooding in Fairfield is so bad they’ve closed the town entirely to non-residents.

Reader Steven O’Byrne, meanwhile, took a trip to the big falls at Paterson, and posted several pictures on our Facebook wall. “The amount of water and debris going over the falls was amazing, truly a sight to see if you ever get the chance or itch to travel to Paterson, NJ,” he said.