I’m a planner. Before I travel, I do my research. I like to know everything I can about where I’m going: the best restaurants, what to see, things to do… It’s part of the experience for me and makes the trip even more exciting. My girls feel the same way. Now, Planet Explorers can help kids prepare and get excited before a family trip with their own travel guides.

Planet Explorers are 60-80 page ebooks that include everything an 8-12 year-old needs to know about their next family destination. From fun facts to history, from attraction highlights to maps, these guides have it all. Written by Laura Schaefer, author of The Teashop Girls and The Secret Ingredient, these travel guidebooks  are designed to empower kids to help plan trips and get more out of family travel.

Currently, there are three Planet Explorers Guides available: Disney World, Disneyland and Chicago. Schaefer explains, “I started with Chicago because 5 million people travel there per year and I live only two hours away. I’ve visited a lot, so I felt comfortable writing about it. I started the two Disney titles next because my family is hugely into Disney (my younger brother is a theme park ride designer, in fact, so he knows a ton about theme parks in general). I’ve visited Disney World countless times and Disneyland several times. Also, these are two very family-friendly spots, and I want to provide books that kids will really read and enjoy.”

What’s next? Lots. Schaefer says, “I am very ambitious when it comes to Planet Explorers. I’d love to eventually have dozens of titles. Next up is New York City, another place I’ve spent a lot of time and feel comfortable covering. From there, I believe I’ll turn to either the twin cities in Minnesota or to London, because the Olympics are there next year. I’m excited!”

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