Last night Bangz Salon & Wellness Spa  hosted the event “Men’s Confidential, A Decadent Affair for the Modern Male”. If you are thinking Metro-sexual-ville or a bunch of guys standing around scratching themselves well, think again. The very swank event was set up like a 1920’s speakeasy complete with the stylists done up in 1920s attire hair and all.  “What?” I said, “I have to spend the evening with a bunch of handsome well groomed men and drink whiskey? OK, twist my arm…”Guests enjoyed high end food, top tier scotches and whiskeys (two more of those and I would have been flyin’ around town on one of those hogs!), had their photo taken with vintage motorcycles, and were able to unwind in an outdoor cigar lounge complete with cigar girls and hand rolled cigars.

This event was free and open to the public.

So what did you do last night? Please tell me you didn’t couch potato it and watch Two and A Half (and one hopefully replaceable) Men when you could have been out with me enjoying this fantastic event.

7 replies on “Men’s Confidential in Montclair”

  1. Only for those who are the upper upper class of the area. Anyone else can be sure to be looked down to by uppity personel who someone told were somebody and who have no time for anyone but beautiful people. Go ahead and delete this, but it is the truth. Went in to get a gift certificate and now know better!

  2. Yeah, I would have to gone to this if I knew about it. I was at home wearing my smoking jacket and yelling at the Giants.

  3. I wouldn’t have gone to this even if I knew about it in advance and they’d send a limo to pick me up. Wait, scratch that (pardon the pun). Cigars in the outdoor lounge sounds great.

  4. Good to know guys. I will pass this along. Roo if you knew I was there you would have dropped everything and ran there don’t lie.

    And I would not have scolded you for wearing brown shoes after six:)

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