Following a meeting today with the NJ Office of Attorney General (OAG) at the Millburn Police Department, the town’s Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator Lieutenant Peter T. Eakley sent out an advisory from Attorney General Thomas R. Calcagni warning consumers to be aware of criminal activity, mostly scams, that take place after a disaster.

In a letter to the public, Calcagni alerts people to be on the lookout for scams that target homeowners seeking to repair property damage. Unscrupulous contractors — or frauds — can leave people owing tens of thousands of dollars, and with unfinished or unsafe work. He also warned about price gouging, and reminded the public of the NJ laws that make it illegal to “sell merchandise at excessive price increases during a State of Emergemcy or within 30 days of the termination of the State of Emergency.” The law says that charging more than 10% higher than usual is considered gouging.

Consumers with concerns or complaints about scams are asked to call the Division of Consumer Affairs hotline at 800-242-5846.

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