To EMS workers in training, Resusci Anne is simply a mannequin for practicing CPR. But she is well known to the urban explorers, county workers and motorists who frequent the area of the Essex County Hospital Center for other reasons. The abandoned mental hospital, also know as Overbrook, is supposedly haunted by the ghosts of former patients who died within the red brick walls. According to local legend, Resusci Anne acts as a body for the spirits, almost like a puppet, enabling phantoms to walk the halls in a corporeal form. She has turned up in the morgue, the cafeteria, various seclusion cells and she can frequently be seen in the MICA unit staring out the window at passing motorists — sometimes with a head sometimes without. watch this short video by wheeler antabanez as he goes on a search for the haunted Resusci Anne. Warning to the more sensitive Baristanet viewers: this video is pretty scary. If you have a heart condition you might want to skip this one.

Wheeler Antabanez, a local explorer, keeps a website here.

5 replies on “Wheeler Antabanez: In Search of Resusci Anne”

  1. From the same people who brought you Rickrolling comes the scary picture and scream. Good one. In lighter news, there’s a grand piano there that im sure if you can move it, its yours for the taking!

  2. Just noticed a discrepancy in Wheeler’s toothpick tree house “MLS listing”. Land Assessment: $ 66,516
    Building Assessment: $ 66,666
    Total Assessment: $ 149,999

    Total is Land + building Matt. $133,182.

    Dont get me wrong, I do like Wheeler, and enjoy his stories. I even liked hearing about his adventures when he was just this guy Matt from Caldwell. But the screaming face? Really? You’re better than that, man

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