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Cancel Trick or Treating? Postponing it until November 4 or to November 7 in West Orange? What a bummer.

Despite the decision to move Halloween to Friday, some families will not be stopped from getting their trick or treating on. They’re getting their costumes on, going out for candy and breaking the law damnit!

Angry families are tweeting, making videos and posting their sadness, anger and disbelief on Facebook and starting a new movement–should we call it Occupy Trick or Treat?:

“My kids are dressed up with no place to go. ” ~ Montclair mom

“The year without Halloween? Is that like the year without Christmas?” ~ Montclair mom

“Just got the e-mail from the town that they postponed trick-or-treating until Friday. Lord….this will NOT go over well.” ~ Glen Ridge mom

This kid is really mad!:

YouTube video

Several Montclair families are planning on Occupying Montclair Center. This flier is being circulated:

And families on this block in Montclair have started their festivities:

Not everyone has to wait for Halloween fun. Lucky kids at Ridgewood Avenue School in Glen Ridge, which was one of the few schools to open today, just had their Halloween parade. A Halloween parade on actual Halloween and trick or treating on Friday! Lucky kids…

What are you doing? Joining the angry trick or treaters and going out despite warnings of dangerous conditions or following the rules?

(Sign video: Corner of Midland Ave and Carteret in Glen Ridge)
(Tweet by Brian Sargent)
(Video of Jackson Bernstein)


41 replies on “Anger Over Canceled Halloween”

  1. I will be handing out candy tonight should anyone come by. Afterall, if you can brave a downed wire and fallen branches in the dark, you at least deserve a candy bar for it. Friday is not Halloween and I will therefore not be distributing candy. Besides, I’ll have eaten it all by then.

  2. What is the greater challenge? Telling kids they can not trick or treat on Halloween or telling adults not to eat a bowlful of candy for four days.

  3. Church St, South Park and Bloomfield Ave stores are coming to the rescue. A lot of stores have signs up that say “we’re rescuing Halloween”. Increasing number of kids and lots of friendly people. Definitely worth the trip.

  4. Cloverhill Place, Montclair, had its trees and downed power lines cleared. Our porch lights are on and the jack-o-lanterns are lit. We are ready kids–come on over!!!

  5. Good move. Give people without power a break. The town(s) are an absolute mess. Children tripping over storm detritus makes zero sense.

  6. To everyone taking their kids out tonight in spite of the postponement, realize this: They’ll want to go again on Friday.

  7. I’ll be checking IDs and taking names to make sure that there is no double-dipping by kids thinking they can trick-or-treat today and Friday. NOT ON MY WATCH!

  8. So I’m sitting here drinking beer and eating Chex Mix (yes, it has MSG, so I can’t stop) and the doorbell rings. Bunch of kids in costume. So I do what any law abiding citizen would do: I make a citizen’s arrest. I told them the candy was in the coat closet, and they believed me, little innocents, but just as I close the door behind them, the doorbell rings again. Do you know how hard it is to get five kids into a closet with four already inside trying to get out? I don’t know what’s taking the cops so long to get here. Hey! Shut up in there, geez…

    Oh crap, there goes the doorbell again…

  9. I think this attempt at a profound social injustice calls for an “Occupy Halloween” movement.

    How can authorities “cancel” Halloween? And who’s going to bother handing out candy a week or so later? Isn’t that playing footsie with tyranny?

  10. Just returned from a trick-or-treat-jump-over-live-wires extravaganza. Thanks to the Mtc Ave families who thumbed their nose at the firm stay home request. Postpone Halloween? Nevah! (I’m thrilled it’s over with. Anybody who comes to my house on Friday will get some pennies and little tubes of toothpaste.)

  11. We did a mini-version of trick-or-treating after hosting a thrown-together pizza party with folks who don’t have power and/or live on difficult streets. The six or so houses we went to were plenty for our pre-K and K kids. Several streets were hopping around town though. I think people judged for themselves which streets were truly a problem. I wouldn’t want to walk down streets with branches still hanging (ours are littering the street already) or wires down. But trudging through slush is good practice for next month.

  12. I don’t know that families are out in defiance of the edict so much as ignorance. How are people supposed to know? Esp. considering the number of us w/o power still, there wasn’t a lot of effort expended letting the township know about this ruling from on high.

    We did receive the robo-call about tomorrow’s school closing thanks to some old-fangled copper wires and a non-feature phone. But nothing from the town.


  13. Does anyone know if Forest Avenue in Glen Ridge is postponing their amazing Halloween street or if it’s just not happening this year? Thanks.

  14. We did the same thing as Kristen. A quick pizza party ( no one in our hood has power) the kids sat in front of the fire and talked aout how we will always remember what a great Halloween this was. There were only a few kids out because it is dangerous around here. We will do it up Friday night.

    What is so hard about handing out candy tonight and Friday ? I love seeing the kids at my door doing it two times in a year is even better.

    Or you can have the great memory you can reminisce about for years to come, “Hey do you remember the time they moved Halloween and we shut our porch light out and didn’t give out candy? Yeah we really showed those kids didn’t we?”

  15. I would think that tonight’s decision was reached for the safety of the kids. My street is still dark and there are downed wires everywhere. Not very conducive to trick or treating. I hope my power is restored so I can welcome kids Friday. (BTW, the Little House on the Prairie lifestyle sucks.)

  16. My family went trick or treating…. we just were careful of what streets to stay away from…Belleville was alive with kids and many streets were cleared in time for the fun! We also found some Nutley places that were brave enough to stay lit for us!

  17. Actually I think the phrase was, “I’m half joking but TOTALLY SERIOUS.”

    Yup, that was it.

    My wife was pissed I ate all the Chex Mix, but it’s really her fault for buying it in the first place.

  18. Holly, I was kinda sorta kiddin’ ’bout the penny thing (unless they have UNICEF boxes). We’ve got buckets of candy left. Come by and I’ll dump it in your kiddos’ bag on Friday. I don’t want the stuff. Have fun twick or tweating!

  19. Tud, please I know you were kidding.FYI if you give my kids crap candy we are egging your house!

    Nellie I hear you. Fires and candles lose their charm after about three days.

    Roo this is what you do: take that empty bag of chez mix and tape it to the bathroom mirror with a note that says,” why?” I know this may sound like something only a crazy person would do but trust me she will not do it again.

  20. Or roo, another option that helps is putting it in the garbage and pouring dish detergent over it. That way you can make sure you won’t eat it.

  21. Only the best candy for you and your kiddies, Holly. I have tons of candy corn, Necco wafers and little boxes of raisins with your name on it.

  22. Awe-some! I have two dozen eggs that have been sitting in my warm smelly fridge for days with your house’s name on them and I have a really good arm!

    I also have something that used to me milk but now looks like cheese ifor anyone else who turn their light out as well!

  23. I will be sure to let my mean, vicious, nails as sharp as, um, nails BLACK cat loose on Friday. When he purrs and rubs against your leg as you are poised to delicately toss an egg at my house, your heart will skip a few beats.

  24. Ah, Kay, the most disgusting candy EVER invented! My daughter was obsessed with circus peanuts for a while b/c it’s the only “peanut” she can eat. (She’s allergic.) I let her have some as a special treat for a job well done and she actually liked them. What a nut. Ha ha!

  25. Okay, Holly, I hereby name you my Life Coach.

    I had the commute from hell this morning because I missed the early bus and then the @@#$@ trains were screwed up so I hopped a late bus, only to find that the upgrade to iOS 5.0 had wiped all my music off my iPhone, which made the ensuing traffic jam unbearable. I have a pile of work I haven’t tended to, people are lining up at my office door to ask stupid questions, those who are still at their desks are calling pointless meetings. I am still sick from all the Halloween candy I ate last night after polishing off the Chex Mix. I’ve locked the door and am pretending to be on the phone.

    What now, Life Coach? What’s my next move?!?!?!?

  26. I’m not used to seeing walleroo out of sorts. It makes me sad, especially knowing that marsupials have desk jobs and have to deal w corporate life as well. I had envisioned a much more picturesque life for marsupials (hopping, grazing, bathing of pink t-shirts in natural streams).

  27. Incidentally the same thing happened to my phone when I upgraded. Don’t redownload the music, it was actually still there, but “hidden.” (Don’t want to take up more room on your phone.) I’m not sure of the fix as someone else did this for me, but try searching web forums to see how to get it back.

  28. ohhh my deepest condolences, that you even had to tolerate them in your house! 🙂 But it is now obvious that we need Holly to come up with a suitable alternative for ‘peanuts’ that is NOT nasty…. like, peanut shaped cupcakes, or some such…

  29. Come to my house Friday night. I have some people for you to meet from my blog post. They will chang how you feel about all of this…trust me.

  30. Roo,

    That’s where you went wrong. Not the lemon scent, that’s delicious. You have to get another kind.

  31. I hired you back, Hols, because of your moving fireside story. However, you’re underperforming. I need some concrete advice here, a solid to-do list.

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