Montclair's Midland Ave. has lots of tree debris.
Got branches and tree debris? Here’s how to handle it in Montclair:


Miscellaneous Tree Debris

Due to the significant amount of tree debris generated by the October 29, 2011 storm be advised that the Township will provide a special collection of these items as follows:

Branches – Branches are defined as any tree, bush or shrub parts less than one (1) inch in diameter. Branches must be cut in lengths of 36-inches or less and must be securely bundled. Bundles cannot weigh more than 25 pounds each. Branches may also be set out in biodegradable paper bags.

Loose piles of branches will not be collected.

Wood Chips/chunks, Tree Bark, Acorns, Misc., Nuts, Tree Droppings, Etc., These items must be placed at the curb in biodegradable paper bags or rigid containers not weighing more than 50 pounds each.

Logs- Logs are defined as any tree part one (1) inch or larger in diameter. Logs are not normally collected as vegetative waste however they will be collected during this storm cleanup only. Smaller diameter logs must be bundled with no bundle weighing more than 25 pounds each. Logs weighing more than 50 pounds will not be collected. Residents must make their own arrangements for disposal of logs weighing more than 50 pounds. To facilitate collection keep log piles separate from branch bundles.

Stumps – Stumps are not collected. Residents must make their own arrangements for disposal.

All debris must be brought to the curb by the end of the day Sunday, November 6th for collection starting Monday, November 7th. Due to the significant quantity of debris anticipated an accurate collection schedule cannot be determined at this time however it is anticipated that complete removal of debris will take several weeks.

Once a street has been cleared the date of collection will noted and the crews will not return to that street for additional debris.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

How bad is your street?

17 replies on “Montclair’s Special Debris Collection For Snoctober Storm”

  1. This is where you can make residents happy instead of adding to their misery.

    Just send around a chipper and take care of it all at once, twigs, branches, all of it.

  2. Well, Herb and I can agree on this one. There is no way I’ll be able to cut up all the large limbs I have into 3 foot lengths. So I can hire someone to do the cutting for Montclair to pick up, or I can just hire someone to haul it all away. My tax dollars at work!

  3. The town should not be responsible for Private Property. Trees, their branches on your private property are the property owners responsibility. PERIOD!

    This is a complete waste of tax dollars!

  4. Interesting, kyle. And garbage? And leaves? I guess MFD shouldn’t pump water out of basements during storms either.

  5. Herb, think this one out — the people of Montclair have all but banned leaf blowers because their noise presents a distraction to residents clipping their bond coupons. Do you really think they will allow a chipper to be operated in their neighborhoods?

  6. My problem is with the designation of the project being “Special”, with no one saying if the project will incur additional costs to the town. i.e. Paid OT, etc. We know how “Special” Montclair is, what “Special” really means!

    And yes, JG, if you go back and look i was totally against the MFD pumping out peoples basements. That is a again a waste, especially if the MFD has charging for OT. I spent three hours bailing out 5 gallon buckets of water out of my neighbors basement. It was chest high. We didnt stop until it was ankle level. I also took a portions of my diverted down spout and gave it to them to get water away from their house. I live in a designated flood plain in Montclair.

    I have mass amounts of tree limbs down in my yard. At no time did or do i expect the Municipality to come and pick them up. I have already conversed with my neighbors on renting a Chipper/Shredder and i have a chainsaw which i am willing to help out with.

    And yes garbage/recycling and leaves should be handled by at the individual level as well.

    The collective/big government mentality is what is wrong with Montclair.

    “Competition is the keen cutting edge of business, always shaving away at costs.”
    Henry Ford

  7. “Employment is the keen cutting edge of business, always shaving away at profits.”
    Mr.Edsel PAZ to you.

  8. Will my taxes be cut in half also? Or do I continue to pay them, along with paying for branch, trash, and recycling removal?

  9. Has the twine and sisal lobby paid off the DPW? Is there that much twine on the eastern seaboard?

    Seriously now, there’s no way thay are going to be picking up bundles of sticks and throwing them on the back of a truck at this point. That would take forever and where would they put them all? To address the huge piles they really have no choice but to drive the chippers around.

  10. I have a question, the answer to which may lead to a solution of the complaints above.

    Will the town do anything about property owners who just leave their large broken branches out? Not long ago, the town directed us to remove a dead tree, lest it create a real hazard in circumstances like we just went through with Irene and last week. If they can order preventive maintenance, can the town order clean-ups? Does it not have the ability to levy fines? And would not such fines make a good source of funding for chipping and pumping, two functions I agree are beneficial, though perhaps not essential functions of local government?

    I ask this because we have one neighbor who seems perpetually unaware that large branches frequently fall in the street by their property. Perhaps they are just waiting for their landscapers to do something, but the branches lie by the side of the road for weeks on end.

  11. I told hubby about the town’s instructions last night, and after a few choice remarks, he then said, “Isn’t it obvious? They want to just throw it all in the garbage truck.” Makes perfect sense to me. 3 foot lengths? 25 pounds or less? Paper bags? Instead of chipping and/or hauling (to a chipper) they want to just toss it in with the regular waste.

    I’m so glad hubby has a Skilsaw! If I were a little ol’ single lady, me and my 100 cats would have to hire a landscaper on my dwindling 401(k) retirement income. Oh wait, never mind: I would have already moved far, far away, since I would have been unable to afford to stay in my Montclair home.


  12. Spiro and Herb,

    I believe the town already has a Chipper/Shredder. Its not mobile, it is right by my house off Watchung Ave, between Appleton and Edgemont. I believe there is a Municipal Site there for organic debris(leaves & sticks) that is picked up during the regularly scheduled days.

  13. Kyle, you’re scaring me. One chipper, and it’s not mobile!! That cannot be the case. It would be beyond comprehension, but goes a long way toward explaining the absence of any municipal crews working to clear debris from town trees. At this point things seem utterly dysfunctional but the cynic in me says that perhaps there is some message being sent, like we need more workers, more pay, more , more, more…

  14. “Montclair Dept of Public Works mailbox is currently unavailable. Please press # for further options….”

  15. Virtually anyone who has limb and tree disposal issues would agree that the bundling requirements are a bit silly. This is by design. Can imagine the dialog: “They want us to take it away? All right, bundle it up like Kings ‘firewood,’ and we’ll haul it away.” [cue self-gratifying laughter]. Sanitation has been stripped of workers and equipment. It doesn’t matter how many dead trees we have, they don’t want to deal with it because they can barely handle basic town needs. We’re stripped to the bone, so takeaway requirements are intentionally onerous.

  16. What does the town do with the Christmas trees collected in January? I always figured they rounded ’em up and took them to a chipper somewhere (now we know, it’s over by Kyle’s place!) So what’s the difference (besides volume, of course) at least as far as limbs go…large-diameter “logs” not included…?

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