“Nothing contributes so much to tranquillize the mind as a steady purpose.” — Mary Shelley
Yes, and tonight my steady purpose will involve a bottle of Brinley Gold Lime Rum and a glass. I plan on an evening chock full-o tranquility!

Now, here is what makes this drink unique to Baristaville, Brinley Gold Rum is a locally owned company. They are also the co-sponsor of the BOOO-ristanet Halloween Ball. I generally don’t like my booze straight up, but this rum is so smooth that I have enjoyed a nip or two, sans mixers, without making a face like I downed lighter fluid.


  • Brinley Gold Lime Rum
  • Grapefruit juice pink or regular
  • Selzer water
  • One Lime

In a glass, pour one shot of Brinley Gold Lime Rum, two parts grapefruit juice and two parts seltzer over ice and gently mix. A squeeze of lime is nice but not necessary. You can also stir this in a shaker with ice and strain into a glass. If you want the funky green color add one drop of yellow food coloring and a tiny drop of green food coloring. Yields one drink.

  • Depression glass Art Deco beverage set c.1925 picture and six tumblers- $125
  • Peerless Steel can opener 1890-$14
  • Vintage jar opener-$12
  • Vintage oyster shucker -$12
  • Antique Mezza Luna food chopper -$30
  • Skull match stick strikes pre-WW2 -$46 each
  • Enamelware  green baking pan 1930’s -$38

All available from Little Cricket 

Brinley Gold Rums available at: Angelbecks,  Town House, Bottle King, A&P Wines & spirits and Shoprites Liquors

Nellie was the winner of  Name that Blackberry Lemon Cocktail with “Bye, bye Blackberry” and I owe JG a drink at the BOOO-ristanet Ball.

You can make these at home this weekend or try them at the BOOO-ristanet Ball as one of the drink specials. All it needs is a clever name  (not Frankenlime that is too easy) and let’s hear your favorite Frankenstein quote.

20 replies on “Name That Monster Cocktail”

  1. Speaking from beyond Baristanet . . . .

    I just imbibed Brinely Monster Cocktail, mixed by the maestra herself, Holly. To my pleasure, it was fantastic! The perfect balance of sweet and citric; makes for a great, palate cleansing intermezzo (or as Holly prefers: “intermonster”). Have a great “boo-ristanet” Halloween Ball!

  2. I thought that sound of angels singing was the gates of heaven opening, but I never dreamed it would be Melody herself, paying us a visit. Oh, hallelujah!

  3. These drinks make you do crazy things. Last I saw the MK she was giggling and walking into walls. Hot from the Holly does it again!

  4. Tonight I ordered scotch, straight up, and got a tumbler filled to the brim. There was like 10 oz in that glass. I left the bartender a pretty good tip, but at this rate I don’t think he’s going to keep his job long.

  5. •Depression glass Art Deco beverage set c.1925 picture and six tumblers- $125
    •Peerless Steel can opener 1890-$14
    •Vintage jar opener-$12
    •Vintage oyster shucker -$12
    •Antique Mezza Luna food chopper -$30
    •Skull match stick strikes pre-WW2 -$46 each
    •Enamelware green baking pan 1930′s -$38

    Wandering completely s***faced down Bellvue Avenue in a Hallowe’en costume, Priceless.

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