Are you tired of Mommy blogs with perfect crafts that you know ain’t never gonna happen in your home? Me too. Trust me, you can do this project. And for $2 a t-shirt you can make t-shirts for the entire family. When you do, send us pictures so we can make a slideshow of your little turkeys.

Now, let’s do this thing!

Here’s what you need:

  • A pre-washed and dry t-shirt
  • Fabric paint in green red, orange, purple and white
  • Assorted paint brushes
  • Newspaper

Step 1: Take the newspaper and slide it in the t-shirt keeping it flat. This is to keep the wet paint from bleeding through and sticking to the back side of the shirt.

Step 2: Mark where you want the hand-print to be placed on the shirt.

Step 3: Have all of your paints ready to go to put on your child’s hand. Paint your child’s palm brown. Next paint the thumb red and then paint each finger one color: orange, green, purple and brown. Make the paint a bit thick, but not gloppy. I like the squeezable fabric paints. I just squeezed a thin line of paint on each finger then evened it out with a brush or my finger.

Step 4: Turn your child’s hand over, find the mark you made on the shirt, have your child fan his/her fingers out and press his/her hand onto the shirt.

Step 5: Lift the hand up and wash. The turkey print may look a bit abstract  so just take a paint brush and fill in the areas that need paint.

Step 6: Paint a beak, feet and eye. Let is dry for a few hours and the shirts are ready to wear!

CRAFTERS TIPS: If you can’t find yellow shirts, try any fall color such as orange and just swap yellow paint out for  the orange paint. Wash the shirts inside out.

Questions? Just Ask Holly in comments.

If your kids are off from school tomorrow and Friday for Teacher’s Convention, this is a perfect project to do for the whole family. They can wear their shirts to Thanksgiving parties in school and/or on Thanksgiving Day.

Shirts and fabric paint available at A.C. Moore and most large craft stores.

(No turkeys were harmed or circumcised in the making of these t-shirts.)