Why do I have a Thanksgiving play list? Look, I like Christmas music as much as the next person but two months of listening to the same songs over and over and over is killing me. So, hark-the-herald Turkey Tunes was born.

Here is my list:
“I Have Plenty to be Thankful For” by Bing Crosby
“Turkey Killer” by Louisiana Red
“Turkey Hunt” by  Geof Johnson    (goofy but the kids dig it)
“Turkey in the Straw” by Buck Howdy ( again a goofy kids version)
“Tofu Isn’t Turkey”  by Beverly Graham (she will not be singing at OWS Tofurky fest)
“I Am a Pilgrim” by Johnny Cash
“Mayflower Rock” by  Dizzy Gillespie
“Cranberry Bog”  by Hayley Mills
“Sweet Potato Pie”  by Ray Charles & James Taylor
“Ida! Sweet As Apple Cider”  by Frank Sinatra & Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra
“The Thanksgiving Song” by Adam Sandler

Perry Como can chill out for two more days. So Baristaville — I know you are all music junkies. What Thanksgiving themed songs can we add to this list?

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  1. Holly Korus, between “Turkey Hunt” and “Turkey in the Straw”, you could play the last few seconds of the outro to “Strawberry Fields Forever” *

    * …where Lennon mutters “cranberry sauce” ( mistaken by many as ” I bury Paul” ).

    Recording of the epic tune began on November 24, 1966, hence, the deliberate but random reference to
    cranberry sauce.

  2. Ah yes, Howard. Alice’s Restaurant Massacree. A Thanksgiving classic.
    Have a great holiday everyone! I’m going to try to sniff out one of those Rumpkin Pie drinks.

  3. Thank you, Howard, for reminding me of Alice’s restaurant. I remember discovering that old vinyl in the attic and playing it, though I think that happened in July.

  4. Just listened to a Youtube of Alice’s Restaurant while reading e-mails just now, before checking in to read the latest outrage on B’net. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

  5. Natalie Merchant’s “Kind And Generous”

    I want to thank you
    For so many gifts
    You gave with love and tenderness
    I want to thank you

    I want to thank you
    For your generosity
    The love and the honesty
    That you gave me

    I want to thank you
    Show my gratitude
    My love and my respect for you
    I want to thank you

  6. and this is a stretch–but since i love all the fresh herbs in a good stuffing….
    any song by New Riders of the Purple Sage?

  7. “Over The River And Through The Woods” dates me I suppose but it’s what I remember from my childhood. That song and the magical Brooklyn Christmas street lights that were turned on Thanksgiving night are sweet memories.

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, posters, lurkers and especially the Barista family for providing this special place for us to enjoy.

  8. “Now Be Thankful” by Fairport Convention, and most anything of of Arvo Part’s “sacred” choral music on this special day.

    And some Scott Walker, if only to give thanks for his voice of voices.

  9. Days by The Kinks. “Thank you for the days, those endless days, those sacred days you gave me.” I also have a soft spot for Elvis Costello’s gorgeous and heartwreching cover of Days from Wim Wenders’ Until the End of the World. Happy Thanksgiving!

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