My family will be celebrating at First Night Montclair on Saturday night, just like last year, then we’ll get the kids in bed, so we can enjoy some bubbly before we inevitably fall asleep before midnight. It’s what we’ve done every year since having our firstborn eight years ago on New Year’s Day.

True, it’s not as exciting as  ringing in the New Year at a swanky party, but it’s where we’re at in our lives now. And besides, The Baristanet/Barista Kids Holiday party will be the night before, so I’ll get my party on then.

What are you doing that night?

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2 replies on “Barista Kids Poll: How Are You Ringing in 2012?”

  1. I thought First Night was canceled a coupla years ago when the town cut back on staff. Is this a scaled back version put together by volunteers and donors?

  2. We’re hoping to make it to the bubble show and possibly one other event for the kids. After that, let the kids watch some other country’s fireworks while we shout Happy New Year! and then get them to bed. Very different from ten years ago. Much less expensive, too!

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