A reader from Montclair writes that her indoor/outdoor cat has been missing since December 10. He’s white and gray, with big green eyes and a pink nose and responds to the name Chobani or Cho-cho. He was last seen in the vicinity of Midland Avenue, between Walnut and James streets.

If you’ve seen Chobani, please contact pets@baristanet.com.

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  1. Do you have any pictures that show the full cat? A picture that shows the color markings on the body will help people look for him. Please call the Montclair Township Animal Shelter. They picked up a gray and white cat from the sidewalk that had been hit by car (or met another untimely end) on Central between Walnut and James. Hope it wasn’t yours.

  2. I have seen a cat on James St many times that looks like him. Its still not full grown right-or just small? There are two or three different signs for missing cats in the area, and I had checked them all for this little guy. Check around 27 James Street. My BF lives there, and the cat is ALWAYS on their back porch…like always…they had begun to feed it recently. I HOPE it isnt the cat that got hit 🙁

  3. Thank you all. We called the shelter, but cannot know if the poor cat found on the sidewalk is Chobani for sure. Location, time and color match, so we are very worried and sad. We had just rescued three 7 weeks-old kitten, vaccinated them, tested them for feline diseases and found them a lovely family and home. it was financially and emotionally draining, but we were very proud of ourselves. And then Chocho disappeared. So sad.
    Ghostwriter, our friendship with Chobani started the same way yours started with “your” backyard cat. He was beginning to come into the house (we have also another cat) and next step would have been neutering him. Our little girl is heartbroken, and calls for Chobani 3 times a day. He would ALWAYS come when called by her. From your BF back porch you may hear her sweet voice calling for Chocho a while longer….so sad…

  4. I hope your Chobani wasn’t hit. Unfortunately, I asked my bf last night and he said he hasn’t seen the cat in over a week, (at least) but he would ask his roommate because he is the one who feeds him sardines all the time. He had hoped it had made its way home! My sister & her kids had stayed with me for a few weeks last spring in between places, and her cat ran away (I have two little dogs) so I couldn’t really blame the cat, but when she only moved a block away we all hopped he would find his way home. We haven’t seen him either (I live two blocks from my bf) We did signs, and my niece STILL calls for him, even after they adopted another cat. She had him for years, but his prior home were the streets..near Forest St. I have been told that’s where all the cool cats hang out. Good luck and I will keep a look out for him.

  5. lunghetto-if the cat is still missing there is one more place to check. My BF’s landlord told him that the neighbor in the basement apt took in a grey and white cat that was aways at the door, and has it now as an indoor cat. My bf hasnt seen it to verify, but if you want to ask her, the door in at the back of the house at the end of the driveway.

  6. Ghostwriter, I had missed this last comment. WOW, that would be wonderful, just to know Chobani is alive and well. Absolutely, I would love to be sure and I’ll try that door. Or there’s a way we can get in touch? I feel funny just dropping in at someone’s door 🙂

  7. I saw a similar looking cat outside 21 Central tonight and last night, both times between 7 and 8 pm. I had my dog with me, so could not get too close, but the cat’s face looks similar to yours. The cat’s body was mostly white.

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