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By day, David Henry Sterry and Arielle Eckstut are The Book Doctors, a husband-wife team that goes around the country advising the masses on how to get published. But in the privacy of their own home, they’re …. Well, forget the privacy of their own home. When a man picks dead skin off his feet, piles it on the kitchen table with the wife rolling video, and then they ask the YouTube audience to take sides, this is what you get.

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4 replies on “Montclair Couple’s Reality YouTube Question”

  1. I agree with msasis. I wouldn’t watch it either. Nor would I vote, because anyone who would video disgusting behavior like this and post it is also wrong. My vote is they are both awful.

  2. What a weird thread. I nominate this thread for 2011 Weirdest Thread. Anyone want to 2nd it or nominate another?

  3. Both Ms. Gallant as well as he subjects of this piece have hit a new digital journalistic low. How sophomoric and tasteless can you get? This couple advises on getting books published? Both Mencken and Cerf turning over in respective graves.
    Grow up!

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