A suspect has been arrested in the stabbing that took place on Dec. 23 at 1:55 AM near the Erie Saloon on Depot Square. The victim, a nineteen year old Verona resident, was found near the soccer dome and transported to University Hospital with chest wounds.

While in the area, police were able to locate a witness, who stated that the victim and friends had been at the Erie Saloon approximately twenty minutes prior to police arrival. During this time, the victim and a friend engaged in an argument near the rear door of the establishment. The witness stated that the suspect was outside the Erie Saloon smoking a cigarette. The suspect then told the victim that he did not like it when people like the victim and his friend “caused drama.” The victim and his friend continued to engage in an argument, followed by the suspect making a “wise remark” to the victim. The witness stated the victim responded by shoving the suspect to the ground and screaming, “Get outta here!” The witness stated that the victim and the suspect fought on the ground before another friend of the victim’s attempted to help. During this time, the suspect pulled a knife out and stabbed the victim in the chest. The suspect then fled the scene on foot.
That morning, detectives conducted a daytime search of the area in an attempt to recover the weapon used in this incident. During this search, detectives located a knife in some brush in the area of Walnut Street. This knife is believed to be the weapon utilized in the assault.
As a result of an ongoing investigation, detectives identified Matthew Muccia as the suspect in this incident. Muccia, 22, of Glen Ridge, responded to Montclair Police Headquarters on 12/26/11 at approximately 2:35 PM and was placed under arrest. He was charged with aggravated assault with a weapon, possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose, and unlawful possession of a weapon. Bail was set at $15,000. He was later released after bail was posted.

9 replies on “Police Arrest Glen Ridge Resident for Stabbing Outside Erie Saloon, 12/23”

  1. So since they now have a suspect in custody he’s no longer white, right? Does he lose his dreadlocks now too?

  2. This guy probably turned himself in because he’s the only white male with dreadlocks in Glen Ridge.

  3. What was the 19 year old (white?) victim doing in a bar?

    Good question. I’m a bit torn on this one because you would initially blame the bar for serving underage drinkers. However, this day and age the fake ID’s are sent from China (and other places) and are exact replicas of NJ and other states licenses. I’ve checked them and you cannot tell the difference. Far more advanced then the 80’s when we scratched out a number and hit Playland in Times Square for a fake college ID to go along with the doctored license. The new fake ones even have the exact hologram seals. There is only so much an establishment can do. I’m sure it’s a problem in all bars not just this place.

    The other thing for me is that when someone consciously goes into his pocket whips out a knife and plunges into another persons chest, that is attempted murder in my opinion. Sticking a knife in someone goes far beyond the normal mano e mano scuffle.

  4. Over the last several months, I have read several accounts of fights, people in or on the property carrying guns & other weapons as well as a shooting or two. Seems to be a pretty low-class hang-out to be avoided, by the mainstream.

  5. “Seems to be a pretty low-class hang-out to be avoided, by the mainstream.”

    Sandy, please let us know where you’ll be handing out our “I’M IN THE MAINSTREAM” lapel pins.

    I’ll put it right next to my, “I LIVE IN THE ’43′” pin.

    Which sits just below my “Resident of the Borough of UPPER Montclair Since Last Century” pin.

    All of which hang over my, “UPPER Montclair, we are crime free” patch.

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