You have to take off your shoes, your earrings and your watch, spread your possessions across multiple bins and declare your breast milk ahead of time. But — oops! — a TSA employee at Newark Airport actually let checked bags bound for international flights through the system without inspecting them on Thursday, during the big Christmas holiday rush. The bags were pulled before the planes took off and the employee has been suspended, reports.

Still, TSA workers are usually pretty much on the ball. Here are some of the things they’ve found people trying to bring onto planes in the last month: daggers hidden inside a hollowed-out book (found at Reagan Washington National on Dec. 19), a knife concealed as a belt buckle (Newark Airport, Dec. 4), and five grenades tucked in some checked luggage at Newark Airport on Dec. 3. (They were determined to be inert.)

Feeling any safer now? If you flew somewhere this Christmas holiday, tell us how it went.

Photo by puptoes via Flickr.

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