From a press release sent out this morning:

Mountainside Hospital Set for a New Phase of Community Health Excellence with LHP Hospital Group, Inc. and Hackensack University Medical Center Joint Venture

Montclair Health System, LLC, a joint venture between LHP Hospital Group, Inc. (LHP) and HackensackUMC, today filed a Certificate of Need application with the NJ Department of Health and Senior Services Office of Certificate of Need and Healthcare Facility Licensure for a transfer of ownership of Mountainside Hospital in Montclair, New Jersey from its present owner, Merit Mountainside, LLC, a subsidiary of Merit Health Systems, LLC.

“We’re gratified to have found a new steward for Mountainside who shares our hospital-wide commitment to delivering exceptional health care within a culture of collaboration with the physicians and employees and community,” said Mountainside President and CEO John Fromhold.  “LHP’s demonstrated track record of commitment and investment ensures Mountainside can continue building on the successes we have achieved with our great physician teams, employees and local community.  Looking forward, we are confident that LHP, as manager and operator of Mountainside, together with its local partner HackensackUMC, will ensure this hospital is well-positioned for future growth.”

LHP CEO Dan Moen commented, “Mountainside is one of the premier hospitals in New Jersey with an outstanding record of providing quality patient care and safety. The hospital has served Montclair, Glen Ridge and surrounding communities for over 120 years. LHP is honored to enter into a joint venture to work with the medical staff, community board members and employees of this organization. We are very excited about the future and what Mountainside can bring to our organization and what we can share with Mountainside as we build on the momentum and success that the hospital already enjoys.”

“Our team of leading physicians has had a tremendous impact on Mountainside and we are proud of the significant accomplishments we’ve achieved together in only a short period,” said Dr. Konstantin Walmsley, Medical Staff President, Mountainside Hospital. “From new innovative capabilities like robotic surgery to new programs like hyperbaric oxygen therapy, we’ve strengthened Mountainside’s medical and community reputation. LHP is an ideal manager and operator, and HackensackUMC a national leader in quality and innovation.  With their strong histories of collaborating with physicians and commitment to investment, they will help Mountainside continue to bring the latest medical programs, technology, and care to our local community.”

“It’s our honor to be asked to collaborate with the physicians, board members, staff and the community to ensure quality healthcare and service excellence continues in the Mountainside region,” said Robert C. Garrett, President and Chief Executive Officer of HackensackUMC. “Hackensack University Health Network looks forward to our partnership with LHP to help continue to strengthen healthcare in New Jersey.”

“The selection of this LHP – HackensackUMC joint venture for Mountainside ensures the continued success of this hospital and its close relationship with the Montclair and surrounding communities,” said Franklyn Jenifer, Mountainside Hospital Board Chairman.  “We look forward to working with LHP and HackensackUMC to build on Mountainside’s legacy of excellent care for our community.”

Mountainside Hospital is presently owned by Merit Mountainside, LLC, a subsidiary of Merit Health Systems, LLC, a leading private hospital management company.

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  2. LOL wrong board, I accidentally selected the wrong comment to respond to; The Affordable Housing Debate Continues…

  3. I’m currently being sued by a doctor for treatment at Mountainside who didn’t fill out the insurance forms correctly and as such didn’t get paid. His office is hidden: there was no way to contact them. The practice had NO presence on the internet. And the collections agency he turned it over to refused to even discuss it with me. And now the doc is suing me.

    I would recommend avoiding Mountainside Hospital in all but life and death situations.

  4. Hospitals are notorious for overbilling, erroneous billing to their advantage, strong-arming tactics to collect on money they’ve erroneously billed for, etc.. They’re almost as bad as health insurance companies. At least as a for-profit, Mountainside pays back something to the community.
    As for life and death situations, when my daughter was born, our pediatrician told us if she were to become really sick, as opposed to a broken bone, we should go to Beth Israel or University in Newark. I believe that’s still true. It certainly didn’t wind up on the list of NJ’s best hospitals. Being “Well positioned for future growth” has NOTHING to do with delivering good health care. Dane, you should either contact your insurance agent to help you or get a lawyer yourself.

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