A reader from Bloomfield writes that she can no longer keep a dog she is fostering. Here is Roxy’s story:

I’ve known Roxy for several years, but I have had her since October 2011, when her family surrendered her to me. The elderly owner was hospitalized and the adult children knew I cared for Roxy when their dad needed help over the years. They were just letting her out to run the neighborhood but didn’t want to let her back in. The neighbors alerted me to this and the family asked me to take her because they could no longer tend to her.

Roxy is around six years old and weighs 55 pounds. She is up-to-date on all shots and has been spayed and microchipped. She is housebroken and responds to with basic commands (sit, stay and come).

Roxy loves to cuddle and sit at your side, whether you are doing yard work, washing dishes, driving, or sitting on the couch. When you are ready to get out and about, Roxy will keep up with you and she loves to trot along as you jog through the park.

Roxy has a high prey drive and will be on alert for cats and other small animals. She hasn’t shown signs of aggression but I haven’t given her the opportunity to show me to what extent she’ll go. She does well with other dogs while walking throught the park or neighborhood, but she does NOT like my other two dogs. I keep her separated, because both of my dogs will not tolerate her being possessive of me and I don’t want to create any unnecessary anxiety in her. I have not had extra time to work with Roxy in the way I would like, given my current commitments. Roxy has been extremely accommodating and responsive to any boundaries I have set forth in the household.

Sarah Keyishian of SleepyDog Training is offering complementary initial training to help integrate Roxy into a new family, if desired.

Please contact pets@baristanet.com if you are interested in adopting Roxy.

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  1. As Doreen’s neighbor, I know Roxy, and she is a wonderful dog. She would be a great addition to any family! Please do consider her!

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