A bomb threat was called into the West Essex Rehabilitation Center on Walnut Street on Wednesday, and businesses and homes were evacuated. No bombs were found. That story, and the rest of the Montclair police blotter, follow:

On 03/21/2012 @1215 hrs. Officers were dispatched to 408 Bloomfield Avenue on report of a theft that just occurred at a business there in. Upon arrival the victim of the theft reported to Officers that her wallet was just stolen out of her purse. The caller was in another room in the business when she states that she heard a noise. Upon hearing that noise, she went to investigate and found her purse open and her wallet missing. The wallet is described as a black leather woman’s wallet. Anyone who may have seen anyone in this building or fleeing the area of 408 Bloomfield Avenue, please call Det. J. Anderson at 973-509-4706.

On 03/21/2012, at approx. 1237 hrs. Officers were dispatched to #83 Walnut St, the West Essex Rehab Center, on report of a bomb threat to the building. Upon arrival, the staff reported to the responding officers that a voice message was left on the answering service that was a male voice who stated that there were three bombs in the building and that they would explode at 1300 hrs. The building was evacuated along with all surrounding residents and businesses. The Essex County Sheriffs Bomb Unit was contacted as well as Sheriffs K-9 units. Once the area was deemed free of civilians, three Sheriffs officers and their K-9 Officers swept the building and no destructive devices were located. Rendering the scene safe, all persons were allowed back to work and to their residences. Detective Bureau personnel responded and are conducting an investigation as to the origin of the calls. Any information should be forwarded to Det. C. Cunningham at 973 509 4716.

On 03/21/2012, Officers took a report of a stolen vehicle. The vehicle was reported stolen by the owner. The vehicle was stolen from the area of Grove Street and Glenridge Avenue. The vehicle is described as a 2004 Jeep Liberty with a NJ registration, color red. There are no suspects at this time.


On 03/20/2012, at approx. 1940 hrs. the Montclair Police Vice Control Unit made an arrest of a 49 year old Montclair man who was known by Detectives to have outstanding warrants for his arrest. Upon approaching the suspect on Pine Street, later identified as Ronald Lomack, he was found to have 7 glassine envelopes of Heroin. Lomack was placed under arrest and held on various narcotics offenses as well as five outstanding Montclair warrants.


On 03/20/2012, at 1658 hrs, Officers responded to a Midland Avenue residence on report of a Buglary. Upon arrival the caller reported that an Apple iPad was taken from her kitchen table. It was determined that a door to the residence was left unlocked and the iPad could be seen from the kitchen window. The case is under investigation. All Montclair residents should always ensure doors are locked and valuables are not kept in view of rear windows. Any information should be forwarded to Det. J. Anderson at 973-509-4706.