Photo by Michael Reitman.

About 500 foodies eager to taste a little bit of everything Montclair restaurants have to offer packed into The Grove last night for Taste of Montclair — the official kick-off event for Montclair Restaurant Week. The event was sponsored by the Montclair Rotary and benefits the Human Needs Food Pantry, Toni’s Kitchen and the Salvation Army Feeding Program. Standout tastings included CulinAriane’s soft taco with shredded beef, Halcyon’s oysters, Ruthie’s mac and cheese, bacon-wrapped Cajun shrimp from Fitzgerald’s 1928 (a Glen Ridge eatery that also snuck into Bloomfield Restaurant Week) and flan by Samba. For more on Restaurant Week, who’s participating and what deals to expect, go here.

8 replies on “Taste of Montclair: Ready. Set. Restaurant Week!”

  1. I was going through the restaurant week listings yesterday and have to confess, I’m disappointed. The vast majority of restaurants are only offering their deals on select nights (mainly Mon-Thurs) whereas in past years, it was for the full duration of the week. Not everyone can get out to a restaurant during the week.

  2. Sounds like it was a great night out – I couldn’t make it, However – I’m planning on doing a video profile on some of the Restaurants, if any Rest. is interested in me coming by, to show off their specials for this event, leave a message in comments, or by email –

  3. Ice, Ice, baby, it is “entourage” not “posse.” And, as W.C. Fields said when he was told to get a posse together to rescue Mae West, “Ah, yes, biggest posse I have ever seen…”

  4. How is it possible that an event kicking off Montclair’s “Restaurant Week” was held in Cedar Grove?

  5. nomo – At the start, I had asked the same thing…I had learned, that there was not a place big enough to hold the expected crowd, or be able to take care of all the food set ups, etc.

    That might have been true, I think it’s just a shame it was not held in Montclair, and that there really was not anything that could have been worked out to hold the event here.

    All that being said..all the feedback I heard, was that it was a great night for all – and I’m sure it was.

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