When I was a girl, Easter meant a fancy new dress, white patent Mary Janes, white gloves, a purse and an Easter bonnet. It was a time to get dresses in our finest. You just don’t see that anymore.

Sure I dress my girls in fancy dresses, but there are no Easter bonnets or white gloves. Can you even buy those for kids around here?

Will your kids be wearing suits and dresses with Easter bonnets for Easter?

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2 replies on “Barista Kids Poll: Easter Bonnets?”

  1. Yes my girl love the hat and the gloves. Her hat is too small this year though. I need a new one.

    Target sells white gloves and hats as do most department stores.

  2. One Easter when I was about five my mother got me a fresh buzz cut and dressed me up in a tie and jacket. I still have the Polaroid of me holding a basket and grimacing into the camera. Jesus on the cross had nothing on me that day. My mother swore never to inflict such suffering again, god bless her soul.

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