There are two simple reasons all of the flowers are blooming so early this year: 1)Global Swarming (like global warming but just slightly different) and 2) Simply because I told them to and I use my powers for good and not evil. What is the lesson we are all suppose to learn here? Well for one, don’t piss me off or I will kill your lawn with my mind powers and two writing something random and funny about cherry blossom barrettes is not impossible.


Here is what you will need:

  • Cotton fabric in shades of pink
  • Faux flower stamens
  • Felt
  • Barrettes or  hair clips
  • White twist ties
  • Hot Glue and white glue

Step One: Cut out five 3″ circles of fabric in two or three patterns of pink. To save time you can layer the fabric and cut two or three at a time.

Steps one and two

Step Two: Fold a circle in half, then half again and then again. Now cut the top into a rounded shape then cut a small “v” shape in the the middle. It should look like a heart. Repeat this step with all of the circles. Now stack the circles in the a pattern you like.

Step Three: To make the middle, cut a  2″ circle from the cotton and a 3/4″ circle from the felt. Put the small circle on top of the cotton fabric right side down. Now wrap the cotton fabric over the felt and wrap a twist tie around the base, like you are making a little ghost.

Steps three and four

Step Four: Cut a strip of cotton fabric about 3/4″ x 3″. Now lay about 20 stamens along the strip and put a line of white glue along the middle of the strip. Either let dry and put more glue on the strip or when wet roll your strip with the stamens around your middle piece. Make sure the stamens pop out above the middle at least a 1/4″. The fabric strip should cover the twist tie. You may want to cut down your middle piece at the bottom if it is too long for the next step.

Step Five: Put a dot of hot glue in the middle of your top circle and put the bottom of your flower middle on the glue. Now pull up one side of the circle and glue to the middle piece about 3/4 of the way up. Pull the other side up and repeat. Repeat with the other two quarters left. All and all you are gluing four times in this step. Glue all of the circles to each other with a dot of glue in the middle of each. Glue the petals up less and less for each layer so they look natural leaving the bottom two layers flat.

Steps five and six

Step Six: Cut out a heart from the felt about 2″ long, now take your barrette and clip it to the heart from top to bottom and glue the heart with the top of the barrette down to the back of your flower.

You can make these into barrettes or pins but the look on Georgette’s pre-schooler’s face said it all when she saw these pretty blossoms. When I told her that her “Mommy would beat me up if she took one home before I took pictures,” she decided that was a chance she was very willing to take.

These blossoms also look stunning when clipped to bare branches in a vase and they will never wilt!

Questions? Just Ask Holly in comments.

To see real cherry blossoms, take your family to the annual Essex County Cherry Blossom Festival Bloomfest:

UPDATE: Bloomfest has been canceled due to forecast of inclement weather.
All ages.
What: Enjoy the beauty and fragrance of cherry blossoms in the Cherry Blossom Festival Bloomfest! Events include Japanese cultural demonstrations, children’s activities, live music, a crafter’s marketplace, food, and more!
Where: Cherry Blossom Land in Essex County Branch Brook Park, Newark, NJ. Click here for directions. Most activities take place around the Essex County Cherry Blossom Welcome Center.
When: Sunday, April 22 from 11 am to 5 pm.
Cost: Free. Call 973.239.2485 for more Cherry Blossom Festival information.

Fabric available at I’ve Got a Notion and Rock ,Paper, Scissors
All other supplies available at  AC Moore and Michael’s