Arriving at Newark Airport during the storm on Sunday night

The worst of the spring nor’easter is over for our area, and the state’s flood watches were cancelled this morning earlier than expected.

According to a report at the Bergen Record, rainfall in North Jersey totaled about 2.5 inches, which helped bring the area out of a moderate drought but didn’t lead to major flooding.

After the storm in Glen Ridge

Clifton experienced a few power outages, but the storm affected fewer than 320 customers in N.J.

Parts of  central and western N.Y. and Penn., however, were not as lucky with over a foot of snow recorded in Laurel Summit, Penn. More snow is expected for the area into tomorrow.

The Weather Channel reported just under 52,000 residents in N.Y. and Penn. without power as a result of the storm.

So the storm was a bit of a wash out for Baristaville, but it was the perfect night to stay in and watch T.V. Were you following Don and the gang on “Mad Men”? Tune in for HBO’s idea of Millennial Generation women with “Girls”? Or settle in for the latest antics of Jersey’s “Real Housewives”? Tell us what you watched in our poll below!

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