Going to the Prom is a yearned for ritual for high school students all over our area, and we have a chance to help make it just a little more sparkly – or shiny – or frilly – or lacy. It’s up to you!  The catch is donations are needed by THURSDAY, May 10th!

Joyce Hobbs, at Montclair High School, is accepting lightly-used gowns and tuxedos for this year’s Junior and Senior proms.  There have been many gowns donated in smaller sizes, so Ms. Hobbs is especially hoping for gowns in the size 12 – 20 range.  She will also be collecting shoes, jewelry, evening handbags, and other “prom worthy” items for the teenagers to wear. Check out last year’s prom here.

We’re sure that many Barista Kids readers have dresses or suits hanging in the closet. Don’t they deserve a fun night out? Don’t have a dress or tux to donate? Joya’s Closet will most happily accept monetary donations or gift cards to local clothing stores, nail salons, and hair salons.

Donations can be dropped off in the main office of Montclair High School, 100 Chestnut Street, anytime during the school day. For additional questions, please email Joyce Hobbs.

Help make a special night even more enjoyable!

(Photo: Flickr)