Walnut Street has been blooming with culinary delights and the joy of food in all sorts of ways.  One of most recent and delicious is the long-awaited opening of Le Salbuen, at 97 Walnut Street.  Just opened this past Tuesday, they already seem completely settled in and in control.  And please allow me to just put two words out there: Latte Nutella.  Oh, yes – perfect cure for any grumpy morning.

With items like Hummos Avocado Mousse and Tuna Salad with Capers and Onion and even Braised Duck with Parisien Carrots, there’s something for everyone.  When I stopped in just before 11 am, the vegetable frittata was offered at half-price because lunch was about to start.  I chose the egg white frittata (you know, to be healthy), and it was rich and savory and delicious. Were I a meat eater, I could have had bacon added on as well.  I also sampled the Brie and Fig Paste Croissant (you know, to be healthy), and had I had time to sit down with a cappuccino, I could have imagined myself on vacation in Europe.  Wonderful.

With a large offering of coffee and chai drinks, and with welcoming seating and a friendly staff, I think many will find Le Salbuen the perfect spot to drop in for a snack or for a full meal.  I know that next time I stop in, I want to pick up some soup.  I may not eat Chorizo, but my husband sure does.  And I’ll bet I could convince him that I made the Portuguese Kale and Chorizo soup they had bubbling on the stove.  Or maybe I’ll just take him to Le Salbuen for Father’s Day.

John David Salierno, co-owner along with his wife, Christina Buenano Salierno, told me that they make sure to use natural and organic ingredients.  And, when possible, they use local items, like the local honey on the Sweet Potato Hash that came with my frittata.  I know that I still fantasize about their Carrot Energy Shot that I tried at the Taste of Montclair event.  And at the counter, they had a basket with organic hard-boiled eggs as an easy take-away snack.

Le Salbuen* (pronounced Leh Sal-Bwen) is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so stop in and help to welcome them to Montclair’s Walnut Street.  The dining area is airy and bright, and in good weather, there are small tables to enjoy the sunshine. If you don’t want a full meal, not to worry, their Portuguese Flan and Greek Yoghurt with Jam and Granola will also make you very happy.

* The name, according to their Facebook page, has several roots. “Le” is for the European decor. “Sal” is for John’s surname, Salierno. And “Buen” is from Christina’s maiden name, Buenano.

Le Salbuen97 Walnut Street, Montclair, 201 622 8473. BYOB. Hours/more information here.

11 replies on “Savory and Sweet on Walnut Street: Le Salbuen is Here”

  1. Every single thing item of food you mentioned makes me drool. This will be my next stop.

    And herb, thanks for putting that movie in my head.

  2. Latte Nutella? I do.

    It is fantastic looking inside. Will they have outdoor tables oh one-who-does-not-eat-bacon?

    Wine, Nutella and bacon make the world go round.

  3. Portuguese flan is the clincher for me! This is dangerously close to where I live…..save me!

  4. Went last night for a wonderful dinner with a large group. Delicious & guilt free, healthy food! They even have several vegan options which is something Montclair sorely needs. The owners are delightful and they deserve all of the success that is sure to follow.

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