L. to r.: Rev. Rachel Brown, Associate Pastor Grace Presbyterian Church and Volunteers Irene Rottenberg, Sabrina Guiou, Bill Oswald and Sophia Guiou. Photograph by Marlenne Brown

MESH, Montclair Emergency Services for the Homeless, served its 3000th meal on Saturday, June 23 at Grace Presbyterian Church.  Over 30 guests and 15 volunteers participated in the celebration.

A local, faith-based organization, MESH also partners with local synagogues and churches to run MESH Cafe, an initiative that provides nutritious dinners to Montclair’s homeless and near-homeless adults, many of whom live on the streets or in their cars.  Meals are served Monday through Saturday evenings.

Here is more information from a press release:

“Each church and synagogue that has participated in providing these meals has brought its own unique flavor to the evening.  They are committed to serving the guests with energy and creativity.” says MESH Executive Director Dr. Gwen Parker-Ames.  “Both adults and children participate in serving these meals – it’s a family-building and community-building outreach”.

Irene Rottenberg, a Montclair resident and enthusiastic MESH volunteer, commented “The numbers have grown to over 30 guests each week.  These homeless neighbors have meshed into a lovely community.”

During the summer months of July and August, MESH is broadening its effort to involve more members of the Montclair community in providing these meals for our homeless neighbors.  They are asking restaurants to participate by signing up to provide a nutritious entrée and dessert for MESH guests for one evening.  Businesses can get involved, too, by sponsoring a meal prepared by one of their favorite restaurants.

To learn more about MESH, or to donate, go to www.meshmontclair.org.