Seen on Bellevue Ave., in Upper Montclair, a plant who has clearly had enough of people deflowering her red New Guinea impatiens.

4 replies on “Montclair Plant Scolds Stupid People”

  1. When I was a kid there was a plant store that had a sign in the front garden that said “WARNING!! These plants contain molecules!!” The owner said people didn’t know what molecules were and the sign worked!!

  2. The person responsible for the abduction is the ugliest, somehow an unauthorized/zero personal effort to grow flower becomes a panacea for public image. And this person is out and about within a community of unique and individually beautiful people, need I say this is the tip of the iceberg. If a large group of GA F.B.I. field office workers decided to actually harass a coworker for “being attractive,” then I’m sure there are adults who are willing to look the other way and deny any further GROWTH for an individual. This is not an isolated event as people are known to be remarkably stupid, and within our countries past there was a large publicly sanctioned effort to oppress people, malign their personal belongings, and these people weren’t allowed to grow.

  3. Deer have got it coming, I think it’s fair to say we can both expect that. It’s nice to see them cross the street at night, sometimes I catch them in the garden.

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