No one wants to think about it, but being at camp with lots of other kids can spread head lice. If your kids were at sleepaway camp, chances are much greater they are coming home with some unwanted visitors.

Owner Suzanne McDonald says, “The best scenario is for people to bring their kids straight to us from pick-up or bus so in the event they do have lice, they don’t bring the kid (and all their lousy stuff) into the house.  Makes life MUCH easier that way.  They just need to call us and let us know when they’r e coming so we are ready.  We don’t pressure anyone into being treated by us if the kid has lice – we will even teach & equip people to do it themselves if they wish. It’s more a public service thing. If we can weed some cases out now, less kids will go back to school and spread it around (which is why mid-September to mid-October is lice madness!)

If you’re interested call the Montclair Lice Lady at 201.693.6739.

3 replies on “End of Summer Head Lice Checks”

  1. “…and all their lousy stuff” made me laugh.

    When I was in school/camp (60s, early 70s), I don’t remember having lice checks. Why are we seeing and increase in lice now? Just curious

  2. One reason for the increase in lice, as well as year-round lice activity, is due to the use of OTC remedies like Rid and Nix (which contain pesticides). The lice are immune to these products at this point – they will kill some, but not all the bugs. The eggs, however, seem to become stuck on the hairshaft more than they were before the products were used, which makes getting them out quite difficult. The products don’t kill the eggs, so 2-3 weeks later the lice are hatching and the cycle starts all over again. At least 50-60% of our business comes from people who have already used Rid or Nix and now their kids have lice back again a few weeks later. One other word to the wise – please don’t put Crisco on your kids’ head -it’s food! And you can’t get that stuff out for the longest time so your kid starts smelling bad. Lots of other better remedies. Just call me! Montclair Lice Lady

  3. Oh and forgot to mention … headchecks are FREE! Just call for an appt. Montclair Lice Lady

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