Update: Star Ledger is now reporting that two law enforcement sources are confirming the murder was a drug-related robbery.

Ernest Williams, Jr., 21, of Montclair, charged with the murder of Brian Schiavetti, pled not guilty this morning at an arraignment in Essex County Superior Court.

Williams came before Judge Peter J. Vasquez, who asked Williams if his lawyer, John McMahon, had reviewed the charges with him, if he understood the charges, and if his lawyer had reviewed his rights with him.

Williams, dressed in a pale blue dress shirt, answered “yes” to all of three questions.

Vasquez said the matter would go before a grand jury, and that bail was continued at $750,000.

Assistant Prosecutor Cheryl Cucinello said the case would probably go before the grand jury sometime in December.

A group of family and friends that included Williams’ brother were at the arraignment to support Williams. One friend who spoke to reporters described Williams as “kind and generous” and said he was raised by his mother alone. He added that there was a lot people didn’t know about both Williams and the victim, Brian Schiavetti. Williams’ brother declined to talk.

10 replies on “Ernest Williams, Jr. Pleads Not Guilty In Schiavetti Murder In Montclair (UPDATED)”

  1. Right, Mrs. Martta, and his attorney will probably ask for time served. After all, it’s only his first (alleged) murder.

  2. while this is sad and unfortunate…..however, in this article, someone is quoted as saying a lot of people didn’t know about Williams and Schiavetti. What does mean or imply?

  3. “Right, Mrs. Martta, and his attorney will probably ask for time served. After all, it’s only his first (alleged) murder.”

    —absolutely! cause no one in America EVER goes to prison or serves their time.

    Welcome to FantasyLand…

  4. I’m not infallible and don’t deal in absolutes, jc, but I do believe that MANY cases plead down to lesser crimes and MOST prisoners don’t serve their full sentence.

  5. True, Howard. And they do count time served waiting for trial as part of one’s sentence in most cases. But because a murder is involved, let’s hope that the judge and jury sees the severity of this case and gives him the maximum penalty.

  6. Empanel a jury of people with views like edgemont and jc, and they’ll find him not guilty…

  7. Is there even the slightest idea or theory about what went down here?

    So odd, so unfortunate.

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