We love the wildlife we see around Baristaville, but what about the creatures we don’t see–like those who come out only at night?

This evening at the Van Vleck House you can learn about these nocturnal animals, whose social lives come to life long after most of us have entered Dreamland.

Travis Gale, of the wildlife rescue and education group Eyes of the Wild, will be bringing several animals for participants to meet.

Jonne McCarron, the executive director of the Van Vleck House & Gardens, tells us that Gale typically brings 5-6 animals but that they never know for sure who will be coming. In the past, there has been a skunk, a fox, a sugar glider, a rat, a hedgehog and Charlie, the prehensile-tailed porcupine. (Trivia note: cockroaches are also nocturnal.)

Gale has also been known to bring along some diurnal animals — those that are active primarily during dawn or dusk. That might include a wallaby, a chinchilla or a degu (not to be confused with a derecho).

The program starts at 6:30 and runs for an hour. Cost is $7 for Friends and $10 for others. McCarron is encouraging people to come early and picnic on the grounds before, as well as register in advance. Check the Van Vleck website for more details.

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5 replies on “Meet the Nocturnals”

  1. At the estate, we have a raccoon and her two kids living in one of our houses (read: big old tree) on the grounds. Often we stare up (and they down) as they lounge and sleep all day, then begin to stir in the evening.

  2. This morning I discovered that racoons like “Compost Plus”. It looked like they had a little party with the box last night.

    I don’t care for the racoons as I have learned they are cute but nasty beasts. Tonight I will be leaving them a note with the Prof’s address, directions and a promise that he will leave the lids of his garbage cans for them.

  3. I have a raccoon who knocks over the trash can and pulls the bag under the porch. Is walleroo for hire to ‘take care’ of my raccoon problem?

  4. Put your garbage in the garage, if you have one. But Porcupines?? I don’t think we have them in this neck of the swamps.

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