4:30 p.m. We have an update from the town:

Paving of the northbound road was completed earlier today and all fencing was removed from the east side of the street. Starting tomorrow morning (Tuesday, July 31), the street will be opened one-way for northbound traffic, however trucks will not be permitted until further notice.

The contractor will continue working on the west side of the street, with the cobblestone median and tree pits to be installed later this week. The bumpout in front of Starbucks will be completed tomorrow and the new handicap ramp on the southeast corner will also be constructed.

Project work should be substantially complete by August 17.

Lots of activity at Montclair’s South Park Street today, as workers ready the street so it can be opened to vehicular traffic (sometime this week maybe?). The entire project isn’t due to be completed until at least mid-August. Here’s a look at how it’s shaping up.

14 replies on “Montclair’s South Park Street Takes Shape (UPDATED)”

  1. I’ve supported this. And it looks great. Years from now, cost overruns notwithstanding, this will prove to have been a good idea.

  2. Hey, what’s with the three chess pawns in the middle of the road?? Like “Chamber of Secrets” ?? If so, I’ll be there for round one!!

  3. Yea, where’s ROC to disagree with me and then have Cary come on to say how he was against it, before he was for it (or vice versa); and they to go back and forth.

    Must be summer.

  4. The pawns are symbolic, Kay. They represent the Montclair governance agencies that the developers so easily manipulate. And, like most pawns, they are expendable in pursuit of the greater goal.

  5. Fess up Conan, don’t you miss us just a little bit? Instead of gorgeous weather and Pacific views you could be here looking at the Park Street reno in progress.

  6. I have liked this idea because of one thing – the photo hanging in Raymond’s that shows Church Street as a two-lane road with narrow sidewalks. Had no idea it was ever anything other than what it is today, with room for outdoor dining at several restaurants, events, etc.

  7. The only redeeming thing about this project is that since its been closed to traffic, no one is trying to make the left off Bloomfield and causing apocalyptic traffic.

  8. jerseygurl,

    I certainly miss our friends — both those we knew three-dimensionally and those I may not have met but with whom I have corresponded in various media over the years. Southern California wasn’t anywhere on the horizon until my partner in crime got recruited out here, and she easily convinced me that it was an opportunity too good to refuse. So we are here — at least until the next dancing lesson from the gods…

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