We woke up to a rainy day and a grim forecast, but the sky cleared up and we had brilliant sun for Montclair’s Fourth of July parade today. Crowds filled the streets along the parade route cheering marchers on, while children excitedly caught the candy, frisbees, balls and other goodies thrown from the floats. This year’s Grand Marshals were former Fire Chief John Gardner Sr. and former Police Chief Edward M. Giblin, who were joined by the Fralinger String Band of Philadelphia Mummers, St. Columcille United Gaelic Band, Montclair Community Band, the Montclair Police Department Color Guard, Lesbian & Gay Big Apple Corp, a trio of great music groups: Parents Who Rock, School of Rock Montclair and The Modern Music Academy, your Baristas (Baristanet & Barista Kids) and many more!

Our patriotic floats didn’t win, but we ain’t mad. We had so much fun, but we have to give our congratulations to Hot from the Kettle, who won 1st Place, the Commonwealth Club who took 2nd and RE/MAX Realty’s Wizard of Oz-themed float took 3rd Place.

Our awesome photographer Chanda Hall captured the fun and festivities of Montclair’s Fourth of July Parade. See her slideshow on Barista Kids here. And to see even more photos, check out Michael Stahl’s Best Friend Photography’s slideshow.

(Photos: Chanda Hall)

6 replies on “Scenes From Montclair’s Fourth of July Parade”

  1. How appropriate that Elvis was the last slide in the deck. Great parade with tons of music and groups from every persuasion. I found it ironic that the POP people (Bring the troops home…Now!) were followed directly by the “Chosin Few” truck.

  2. Should I expect a royalty check, since I pioneered the use of the phrase here (as a reasonable response to daily realities), for the Baristas’ proud (I think) display on their float of the phrase “slow news day?”

  3. I was there with my friend and her younger sister and we had the best time! The only part that wasn’t so fun was the Luau looking truck (even though we told them not to because we had a 2 1/2 year old with us) soaked us with their water guns. My friend’s sister was so scared! It was fun though. 🙂

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