Marshall Paulson, manager and Ray Smith, owner of Sir Isaac

A new bike shop, Sir Isaac, plans to open next week in Upper Montclair. The store, which doubles as a snowboard and ski rental business, is located on Bellevue Ave., a block east of Valley Rd. We know you’re asking: Where does that name come from? Owner Ray Smith, explains that it’s Sir Isaac as in Newton, whose first law of motion can be boiled down to “A body in motion, stays in motion.”

“We want to help people change their lifestyle,” says Smith. “Bike to the grocery store, and out to Tierney’s. Biking is so healthy for you. And it’s better than spending $50 at the gas station.”

Smith knows bikes. He helped found the popular Tour de Montclair a decade ago, and owned The Montclair Bikery on Valley Rd. for 15 years. He sold it several years ago and started Ray’s Bike Rentals, a shop near the beach in Sandy Hook. Smith says his customers were always asking him where they could buy his “really tough” 3G bikes. So he decided to hang out a shingle in Montclair again.

Along with the 3G’s, Smith stocks other “old school bikes with new technology,” as he describes them, such as Linus, Brooklyn Cruiser and Tern’s folding bikes. He plans to also eventually sell Jamis Bicycles for kids, and electric bikes.

 Sir Isaac, 197-A, Bellevue Ave., Montclair, NJ




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