Don’t mess with Gov. Christie. TMZ posted this video of Gov. Christie engaging in a boardwalk shouting match over the weekend with a man who criticized Christie’s education policy.

Christie can be heard saying: “You’re a real big shot…you’re a real big shot shootin’ your mouth off.”

The man yells back, “Nah, just take care of the teachers!”

Then Christie seems to go after the man, yelling, “Keep walkin’ away…really good…keep walkin’.” In the video, it looks like Christie’s handlers coax him to leave and he is seen walking off, ice cream cone in hand. Last week, Christie ridiculed a reporter calling him “stupid” and an “idiot” for asking an off-topic question at a press conference. Temper, temper?

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  1. Yeah, this seems to be Christie’s thing. It may work in this state. But if he runs for national office, not sure how this will play in Peoria.

  2. I love it Baristanet: “a man who criticized Christie’s education policy.”

    Meanwhile it has been reported :

    “The video didn’t show exactly what set off the governor, but his office said the critic cursed Christie while the governor was with his children.”

    Yeah, why bother printing his side of the story.

    Ok, so the Gov. is on the boardwalk with his family having ice cream. Some guy walks by and curses at him and he responds and the coward was walking away and the Gov. wasn’t having any of it. That’s why I respect the guy, he’ doesn’t take this sort of shat. Yeah, I’m sure the initial comment from the coward was simply an introduction to a debate on teachers and then he couldn’t stick around and ran.

  3. keep eating that ice cream fatso. frankly i’m surprised he let anything interrupt his ice cream eating.

  4. A governor who makes an ass out of himself on a routine news feed basis doesn’t have much of an argument with “but my kids were there”. He’s a loud mouth bully, now someone bullied back. He just loves hiding behind his kids, like how he tried to hide his bulk behind them during his TV campaign commercials.

    Last week when the story was him calling a reporter an idiot that went viral- should we have been wringing our hands about how that affected the reporters kids? What about the child of every teacher in NJ, or any other union employee he’s been blowing his hot air over – do we get to take all those peoples children into account? I’m sure hearing the Governor on TV and the radio talking about mommy or daddy losing their jobs might be a touch traumatic.

    So maybe the big boy learned that when you bully people – from a stage with a microphone – it might wind up kicking you in the butt during ice cream snack time.

  5. I also read about the alleged curse which if true, was tactically stupid on the part of the protester. No need to even the playing field by coming down to Christie’s level.

    The guy is not ready for national office, and never will be.

  6. This act is getting very old. Yawn. What flavor ice cream was it?
    One scoop or two?

  7. Old news. If he is going to serve in public office, he shouldn’t lower himself to the hecklers’ level. And yes, if you are in public office, you will have hecklers. So take a deep breath, count to 10, and walk away.

  8. “He doesn’t take that sort of shat”.

    Shouldn’t that read, “He, and his 4 state trooper security detail, doesn’t take that sort of shat.”

    Pretty easy to be a tough guy with that sort of backup.

  9. I agree, this governor is a long shot in the world of national politics. I doubt his bluster and temper will be a problem though. It never bothered Spiro the liberal, since, hey, this is the New York Metro Area. It comes with the territory.
    More problematic for the Governor is that photo of him and President Obama walking side by side, smiling broadly, shaking hands, and visiting storm damaged areas in NJ. That photo alone will sink him in states that, only 50 years ago, had two sets of drinking fountains.

  10. I just love the fat jokes…you all accepting libs should be very proud of yourselves.

  11. Why do I have to accept paying for Gov Wideloads healthcare ? Not very conservative of you Herb to be willing to pay for someone else’s unchecked irresponsible life choices.

  12. I agree. Why should we have to pay for someone elses healthcare? Why should we have to pay for the education of people here illegally? Why should we have to pay for internet access for people that can’t afford it? Why should we pay for other peoples cell phones? Oh boy, hrhppg, now your coming around.

  13. It would be great to see a Christie/Romney ticket – sort of like a reverse Laurel and Hardy …and Romney would still lose NJ.

  14. When I heard the story about the cursing being what made him mad, I was disgusted. It sounds like he’s trying to blame someone else for his temper tantrums.

    First, even if it were true, which I doubt, so what. Or better yet, so effing what. Christie loses it over some hypothetical swear word said in front of his kids?

    Are we supposed to now think he is noble? What do we tell the children! Or shall we blame the passerby for the governor’s pique?

    Try this on for size, no pun intended. Barack Obama is walking down the boardwalk with Malia and Sasha. A passerby criticizes his education policy and begins the critique with a four-letter word. In the farthest stretches of your imagination, can you imagine Obama waving an ice cream cone around, jeering the speaker about “walking away?” Can you imagine an aide gently shuffling Obama off the scene?

    Eet is to laff.

  15. The part about the curse word is almost certainly untrue. A guy curses at the governor, and the governor doesn’t mention that as he challenges the guy immediately following? Puh-leaze.

    Here’s what happened: someone dared to upset Christie, and he became positively unhinged without realizing a camera was running. He plays a big game when he’s readying a new YoutTube video, but this video shows the man as he truly is, and it’s a bit scary.

  16. The “what if this had happened to Obama” post is funny, because it does happen to Obama. How many times has someone shouted out “WHERE’S YOUR BIRTH CERTIFICATE?” during one of his rallies? Knowing he’s a public official on display, he handles it appropriately. He certainly doesn’t start charging after the guy calling him a “big shot.”

  17. He’s an intelligent idiot. He’s very smart (although I do not agree with ANYTHING he has done), but a complete idiot in that he can’t stop his mouth. It doesn’t matter what the guy said to him, he’s the governor and should know better. He’s going to be the target of everything from personal threats to rude comments. If what the guy said was so bad, than the troopers would have escorted him away just like the veteran Christie insulted earlier this year.

    The problem is that other people around the country don’t see enough of him to get a true idea of how much of an idiot he truly is.

  18. Someone heckled the Governor while he was out with his family. With or without profanity, accounts differ.) He responded. The heckler wisely moved on, apparently quickly. This is in the great spirit of Ed Koch’s own feisty years as mayor of NYC. Andrew Jackson probably would have horsewhipped such a guy. Teddy Roosevelt might well have told the heckler to “put up his dukes.” So we’ve come a long ways since then.

    But bannerchemical finds it fine to refer to Governor Christie on this very site as “fatso.” That, somehow is okay here by the very slippery standards of “hyper-local journalism.” (If this is the way language is trending on this site, Debbie, you’re leaving at a good time.)

    I rather like the idea of a governor who attempts to give as good as he gets.

    And really, Christie says nothing dumber or more offensive than the sort of stuff which seemingly regularly trips off Joe Biden’s own golden tongue. (Better, Christie has apparently never plagiarized in stump speeches.) His public remarks also pale in comparison to what has been reliably reported as the private working argot of such Presidents as Nixon, Johnson and even FDR.

  19. I rather like the idea of a governor who attempts to give as good as he gets.

    I guess you could see it that way. Me, I see him as a governor who gets so unnerved when people dare cross him that he goes positively mental.

    Tomato, tomahtoe.

  20. What’s more offensive, Gov. Christie losing his temper at the shore or a former Governor (cough…Corzine) robbing people blind and lying about it? Don’t all answer at once now.

  21. What’s more offensive, Gov. Christie losing his temper at the shore or a former Governor (cough…Corzine) robbing people blind and lying about it? Don’t all answer at once now.

    Why are they mutually exclusive? Why can’t Christie be a raging blowhard and Corzine be a dirty crook?

    If the topic were Corzine, then people would be commenting on Corzine, but the topic is Christie.

  22. “That’s why I respect the guy”

    —yeah, “respect” is a big word in the Governor’s Mansion.

    I’d love to know why he is so angry all the time. Between his morbid obesity and his anger issues, he’d be fascinating on the couch.

  23. Oh, yeah? Well, Obama has big ears. OK, liberals, jump all over me for that comment. Call me childish. Of course, you have that right. You show so much class with jackass, Gov. Wideloads, and Fatso. Puh-leeeze.

  24. I’m not commenting on his weight. Or his ears. And what does Obama or being liberal or conservative have to do with this? He’s a big bully and a jerk.

  25. If anyone on this site called Obama a jackass, imagine the repercussions. Big bully and jerk wouldn’t be acceptable aimed at Obama, either.

  26. “If anyone on this site called Obama a jackass, imagine the repercussions. Big bully and jerk wouldn’t be acceptable aimed at Obama, either.”

    Really? How about “baboon”?

  27. Well, as I recall, the person who made that comment was big enough to apologize. That speaks volumes about the commenter. There are others on this site who would do the same, I am sure.

  28. Governor Christie displays all the relish to take on his critics as Harry “Give ’em hell” Truman once did. (And no one else recalls how quickly and vociferously he leapt to the defense of his daughter’s piano playing?)And I’m quite sure he’ll withstand all the carping criticism on this site from folks who likely didn’t vote for him in the first place.

    Really, the anti-Christie posts found here on Baristanet ring very hollowly and distantly down in Trenton. If they’re heard at all, that is. Not even the loudest, most hapless caterwauling out of a BlueWaveNJ meeting matters much in the world of NJ politics, it turns out.

  29. I must have missed that apology. That such a statement could be made in the first place, however, “speaks volumes about the commenter”.

    We’ll leave aside all of the many, many shall we say “unkind” remarks about the president. To suggest that “liberals” have some sort of lock on uncivil discourse is preposterous, and I’m surprised Nellie that someone with your good sense would go that road.

  30. His delivery may reek of NY/NJ metro bluster as noted by Spiro but there’s little doubt he speaks his mind. For me, he’s a welcome relief from the scripted politicians that most seem to be.

  31. I’m in a bad mood, croi. So I’ll sign off, get a good night’s sleep, and be kinder and gentler in the morning.

  32. Yup, because you people were so ‘kind’ to Bush and the Palins. It happens on both sides but you libs do lap the field.

    Here is what Bristol Palin gets because she against gay marriage.

    “bristol: kill yourself you fat fukc”, “you’re an argument for abortion”, “you are a digusting piece of $h..”and “I wish awful things on you and your family. You all, including your son, deserve a slow, painful, and miserable death.”

    Wishing death on someone because they disagree with you goes a bit too far. Those of you that champion ‘tolerance’ are only tolerant of those that agree with you. Hey, those on the right do it to but whoa you guys do it so well.

  33. Good morning, Baristaville. Now there you have the makings of a sitcom or a Broadway musical.

  34. More outstanding logic from herb (he with the Breitbart avatar, the same guy who remarked after Ted Kennedy’s death that the senator would roast in hell)—“Sure, plenty on the right say despicable things but people on the left say despicable things better!”

    Is it any wonder that politics is so F..ed up, with this sort of “rationale” afoot?

  35. Romney losing NJ? Geeze, your really going out on a limb with that prediction. Considering the last Dem Prez candidate to lose NJ was Dukakis going on 6 elections ago.

    I’m willing to bet that NJ going Republican in a Prez election have gone the way of the Edsel. Too many tax users.

  36. With or without profanity, accounts differ.) – not a sentence
    So we’ve come a long ways since then. – improper use of the word “ways”

    Cathar, your writing sucks, stop criticizing others’ writing until you fix your own.

  37. Romney will lose NJ, no question. This is a blue state at the Federal level.

    And as bad as Corzine was, he “might” have won reelection had the 2009 election been a two way and not a three way race. BTW – I voted for Daggett.

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