For some women, just being able to orgasm at all during sex, makes for a satisfying night. According to, about 10% of women have never had an orgasm — either with a partner or alone.  But one Montclair woman says she has 100 orgasms a day.

Kim Ramsey, a nurse living in Montclair via England, spoke to The Sun about a rare condition she has called Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder, which causes prolonged periods of genital arousal unrelated to sexual desire. Ramsey says she feels constantly aroused and the slightest movement can trigger a climax. The disorder is believed to be the result of spinal cysts on her spine caused by a fall she had 10 years ago.

Ramsey says the orgasms leave her in pain, exhausted and unable to have a normal relationship. She said: “Other women wonder how to have an orgasm — I wonder how to stop mine.”

Ramsey has an appointment with an international PGAD specialist in London next month.

Baristanet has reached out to Ramsey for an interview, but she hasn’t responded.

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23 replies on “The Big O: Montclair Woman Has Too Much of a Good Thing”

  1. I knew you folks couldn’t resist cribbing this item. (From today’s NY {ost, I’m guessimg.) Your taste for the locally salacious is never to be underestimated.

    But you crack local journalists couldn’t actually find this woman in Montclair yourselves to ask if she in fact actually said the things the Sun (which doesn’t have the greatest rep for accuracy) and “suffers” the things the story claims she does? Really you couldn’t be bothered?

  2. Even the Post didn’t touch this. I did see it in that free communter rag The Metro (and didn’t read it). You probably know the Metro, when your trying walk off a train there is usually 4-8 hawkers that looked like they were just let out of jail blocking the pathway screaming “Metro, Metro” or “A.M New York”.

  3. The item states that Baristanet reached out to Ramsey for an interview, but that she has not responded.

    Presumably they must have “found” her in order to reach out to her. She has chosen not to respond, as is her right.

  4. IF she wanted to be left alone, why did she speak to The Sun?

    Herb: I agree about those Metro hawkers…extremely annoying! “Take this paper or die!”

  5. No one knows if she DID speak to THE SUN. THE SUN says so, but they say a lot of things.

    And it might be possible that she did speak to them, but doesn’t want to speak to anyone else about it.

  6. I note that those above who are critical still clicked on the article themselves knowing full well the subject of the posting. Apparently it’s okay for them to see, but they would prefer that any other women out there experiencing the same thing remain isolated and uneducated.

    If you’re offened how about you click elsewhere. The rest of us will judge for ourselves what to read.

  7. If the Barista’s found the story newsworthy and the reportage ostensibly important enough to print about the unfortunate Ms. Ramsey, I’m wondering why they would include a photo of Meg Ryan in comic scene where she is indeed faking an orgasm.

    In poor taste; Nora Ephron turning over in grave!

  8. Where can I buy a, “I Heart State Street Pete” shirt? Well said SSP.

    Now who are the women that fall in the 10%? That just makes me sad.

  9. “Kim Ramsey, a nurse living in Montclair via England, spoke to The Sun about a rare condition she has called Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder…”

  10. Yes, THE SUN says that she spoke to them.

    But as cathar asked, and as B’net wanted to confirm, is that so?

    If you’ve ever seen THE SUN, you’ll know that their reputation for accuracy, etc. is dubious, at best.

  11. Why would a newspaper risk its journalistic integrity (or put themselves in way of a lawsuit) for saying a reporter spoke to a source when they did not?

  12. THE SUN? “Journalistic integrity”?

    Are you serious?

    Next you’ll tell me that these folks would hack into cell phones and doctor photos!

  13. Four posts already out of 16, croagisuanam? Makes one wonder if you’re yourself a talker rather than a “doer.”

    Baristanet may say it has “reached out”to Ms. Ramsey for an interview. But that could mean something as minor as leaving a message on an answering machine. Without elaboration questions thus remain, and Barista’net’s rep for journalistic veracity is no better, I’d suggest, than the Sun’s.

    The first time I ever say “orgasmed” used as a verb form was in the very questionably sourced and researched “Hite Report.” I’d never before heard anyone speak that way and always suspected no one ever really had. If they do today, it’s merely because of the former popularity of Ms. Shere Hite (who was at Rutgers at the time, but did not stay there for long), but the usage of “orgasmed” never rings very true to me in any case.

  14. I would have not printed this without permission from the woman. While it’s a headline grabber, it also seems to be a legitimate medical condition. You know, HIPAA privacy and all that.

  15. State Street Pete et al, either you are clairvoyant or much better than I am at interpreting the contents of a post from the headline. In no way did I glean from that headline that it was about a woman’s painful affliction. I personally would leave her alone. As State Street stated, I am not an editor or censor so read to your heart’s content.

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