He wasn’t there a half-hour ago, but the controversial stuffed monkey, clad in an Obama Must Go tee shirt, was back on the front lawn of a Cedar Grove business a few days ago, according to this story posted earlier on the website of the Verona-Cedar Grove Times.

You’ll recall the display, deemed racist and offensive by many, was taken down two weeks ago after a public outcry.

But the new report says the moneky was back over this past weekend wearing the same tee, this time (as the V-CG Times photo shows) seated in a lawn chair close to the building. In the new article, the business owner claimed it was put out for trash. Yet, the questions remain: If intended for trash pickup, why was it placed so far from the curb? Why on a non-collection day? Why not put in an opaque bag or a barrel? Why invite back new questions anyway?

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  1. Yeah like Obamas attempt to spell Ohio yesterday. hahaha. I love how the Washington (Com)Post came to his defense saying the Romney camp photoshopped it. wrong !! Won’t be on the news but if it were romney fuhhgetaboutit, it’s be headlines.

    He probably needed his teleprompter to help with the spelling. bwahaha

  2. The comments on this post should be Exhibit A if anyone does a paper about deranged Obama opponents.

    The whole teleprompter thing is just too hilarious. I’m not sure what’s different about Obama that makes it so egregious for him — as opposed to Bush II, Clinton, Bush I, Reagan, etc. — to use a teleprompter. Hmmmm….

  3. What the hell is the matter with Caucasian Texans?? Why don’t they just enclave and leave the rest of us alone.

  4. Nice try, herb. But the actions of a 6 year old don’t compare to those of a grown adult who to this day won’t apologize for his decision to engage in animal cruelty. But I’m sure Seamus liked being on top of a car for hours on a highway as much as the gay teenager enjoyed being bullied by Romney.

  5. hahaha, raeven, nice try but I’m sure ever a 3 year old knows not to eat Fido. I see the press have cooled on the dog attacks once it was revealed our President is a dog eater. ruff , ruff

  6. “The comments on this post should be Exhibit A if anyone does a paper about deranged Obama opponents.”

    Could not have said it better.

  7. Derangement?

    “Derangement” is personal wealth down 40%, home values down 35%, 16 TRILLION in debt which increased 50% under the inept one, unemployment 8.3% (not including those no longer able to collect benefits) 780,000 less women in the workforce, gas prices doubling, food sky rocketing …all under this President…and you guys are more concerned with an allegation of a dog on roof 30 years ago.


    Now that’s “derangement”

  8. Not so fast, herb. You are citing debatable facts, a reasonable approach to picking a candidate in any election.
    However, even if the economy was booming and we had peace on earth, we’d still have an astounding number of Americans twisting themselves into pretzels and finding themselves saying neanderthal things out loud– simply because they can’t stand what Obama symbolizes to them-
    – the old order is passing away, and America changing into a nation that thankfully does not resemble the Old South, or even, for that matter, the Old North.

  9. and you guys are more concerned with an allegation of a dog on roof 30 years ago.

    If you read up a bit, herb, you’ll see that the first slam you make against Obama is that he got into the wrong position to spell out OHIO with three other guys. Your next criticism was that he uses a teleprompter.

    So it’s not like you’re focusing on anything substantial here.

  10. What facts are debatable?

    The employments statistics are from the BLS.
    Gas prices haven’t doubled?
    The debt isn’t 16 Til?
    The personal income stat is from the Federal Reserve.
    Home values aren’t down nationally?

    How are these “debatable facts”.

    I’m all ears.

    spiro, I do agree with your statement about people twsting themselves in pretzels in good times when it comes to an election. In this case though I’m just looking for some honesty from you, not the lib talking points. Bottom line there is no way you or 90% of the people on this board will ever vote for Romney or any Republican for that matter. What I get a kick out is no matter how bad things are and the promises this guy has broken you people will never admit it or criticize your man.

  11. “So it’s not like you’re focusing on anything substantial here.”

    Really ? I guess my post at 7:14a.m isn’t focused on anything substantial. How would you defend those stats nick?

    BTW- how do you put people quotes in italics and then post them? I can never figure that out.

  12. Yeah, let’s just let them all run amok like Columbine, Colorado, Wisconsin. let them shoot first…..We’ll ask questions later.

  13. Speaking of shooting , there is a pretty big one going down outside Empire St Building right now… I see the cops and sirens wailing.

  14. Maybe they should have pulled in Major Hasan for questioning before he shot 43 people and killed 13 in Fort Hood. You know the same guy that said Non-Islam believers “non-believers would be sent to hell, decapitated, set on fire, and have burning oil poured down their throats”. The same guy that they left alone because they were being politically correct despite complaints on the base and staff. You know the case, the one Eric Holder and the Obama Administration classified as “work place violence” instead of terrorism even after Hasan was in communication with Al Qaeda leader Anwar al-Awlaki. The Inept One strikes again.

  15. “The comments on this post should be Exhibit A if anyone does a paper about deranged Obama opponents….”

    24 hours later and still spot on …..

  16. 7 posts already this morning? Herb, step away from the pot of coffee.

    And re your post about most of us never voting for a Republican and never criticizing Obama: I can’t speak for anyone else, but while I am myself a Democrat and a liberal, I’m not opposed to ever voting for a Republican. I don’t like the idea of just voting by party lines. It’s just these days especially at bigger levels, the parties are so vastly divided on big issues, you can’t help but generally fall into one camp or another.
    And in regards to seeing Obama as “flawless,” I would never see any politician in that light including the current president. The thing is, I don’t come from a “my side is right” angle. I come in from a “most politicians are going to disappoint and be corrupt, I’m going with the lesser of two evils” angle.

  17. “And in regards to seeing Obama as “flawless,” I would never see any politician in that light including the current president..”

    Agree. The vast majority of Obama’s supporters probably don’t look at him as “flawless” ….they just see him as being much less Bat Sh*t crazy than the GOP opposition.

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