The fine people of  The Parent du Jour, a project telling the stories of today’s families—one day, and one parent at a time, have announced their launch of  The Modern Village: A Continuing Education Series For Parents.

If you’re a parent, you know that we do not, and shouldn’t be expected to, have all the answers. The Modern Village believes:

Today’s parenting requires an entirely new set of skills, from managing multiple childcare arrangements to coaching teenagers about living IRL.The roles of mothers and fathers are evolving too, requiring a new cultural literacy for the entire family.

In offering these parenting education courses, The Modern Village aims to help moms and dads of today. Think of them like your child’s enrichment courses, only for you!

There are some really interesting courses, such as learning about the anxious child, dealing with  multi-media consumption and parenting in a single, separated or divorced family. Classes will be held at the offices of umojawa, in The Map Building annex at 515 Valley Street in Maplewood, and the offices of In Good Company on 16 West 23rd Street in NYC.

Check out all the details and register for the courses right here.