Students at Montclair State University (MSU) will be the first to taste Guy Fieri On Campus (GFOC) this fall. Calling his new fast casual retail dining concept  “rock star dining on campus,” Food Network’s Fieri has partnered with Sodexo to create some 15 GFOC locations at colleges and universities around the country.

What does Fieri think college kids are clamoring for? Fieri, who travels across the country discovering what people like to eat for his show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives (locally hitting the Tick Tock Diner in Clifton), will emphasize Italian, Asian and Mexican flavors. Think pasta, tacos, quesadillas, rice bowls, salads, soups and burritos. Fieri’s famous Vegas Fries — tossed in buffalo sauce and served with a side of bleu cheese — as  well as chicken wings served three ways are among the appetizers.

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  1. So basically, for all the foofaraw, Fieri is franchising out his name and getting involved in creating fast food restaurants on college campuses, right?

    This is an “honor?” A campus blow for nutrition and healthy dining? I like Fieri’s main show as much as anybody, but…

  2. C’mon cathar, it’s ALL about “branding”!!!

    Your “brand” is your self, your kid, your spouse, your relationship, your job, your likes, youre… well, you get it.

    EVERYTHING is branding now. And if you don’t believe me, I’m sure there are more than a few “Branding Experts/Consultants” in town to “help” you “develop” your own. (“cathar, who are you? Better yet, cathar, who do you WANT people to think you are…” That kinda stuff.)


    SOCIAL MEDIA, blahblahblahblah… Follow me on Twitter, Like me on Facebook, “share” this with your “friends…..” (I get into arguments in the faculty lounge about my views on “Social Media”).

    That said, the one thing that Guy F has, like Bobby Flay, is an ability to appear to never talk down to anyone, to hold anyone in high regard- regardless of what they cook/serve, this ability is obvious from the moment these guys show up on screen. And that is a “talent”.

    So I’ll bet on Guy’s continued success (forget for a moment his job “hosting” that NBC reality show).

  3. Prof, your remarks are of course, as usual, unerringly on the money. (Let’s hope that makes croiagusanam retch, that the bile forever in his craw roils stormily across his intestines direct on this one.)

    And I’ve never had a granola mix even one-tenth as tasty as a ripper from Rutt’s.

    But I also realize that a steady regimen of rippers is but a direct pathway to the cardiologist’s office. And that aspect of Fieri’s new venture might concern me IF I were one of the new-fangled food Puritans who lurk out there.

  4. No cockles for me last night, old bean.

    I dined on hummus and lamb whilst sitting in with Clifton’s Hezbollah cell, plotting the implementation of Shariah law and trying to devise ways of staying under your radar.

    we’re not afraid of the FBI, no sir. It is your one-man jihadist search mission that has us quaking!

  5. Oh there are many in the circle, cathar.

    Perhaps as many as you can cram in mom’s basement, though some might have to sit on your “bed”.

    Don’t those bikers leave sort of a “scent” after they leave.

    Perhaps of “righteousness”?

  6. cro, you seem to firebomb just about any post here, all in the hope to show everyone how many zingers you can get off at cathar.

    Well good show, old pal– you did it!!

    You’ve effectively become a one-trick-pony (or as a recent non-American contestant on Project Runway said, a “One Way Monkey”).

    Understand, I was there- at first I worked hard to find youtube links for my comments (remember that?)- but then I realized, my “brand,” (or “handle” in this case), “profwilliams,” allows me to comment with glee, with knowledge, skepticism and the like. So I decided that rather than simply “fight” (with you, often), I’d broaden my approach: I try to listen more, find where I agree or support folks, but still maintain my “brand”.

    Sadly, you gone in the opposite direction: You USED to be fun, adding good points, challenging folks, and every now and then, even adding wit.

    Now though, you are, in truth, a One Way Monkey.

    Oh well, whatever, nevermind.

  7. “Firebomb” any post?

    What a ridiculous comment.

    I dislike bullies, you see. Especially pompous ones who take every opportunity to insult others and to make unsupported allegations.

    So I say as much. That’s it.

    And that’s how I see cathar, plain and simple. When you are as put out with his constant bashing of Spiro and “libs” and mike and JG and “progressives” and B’net’s shoddy reportage and on and on and on, maybe then I’ll take your criticism seriously, and your oh-so-heartfelt self-congratulatory “new approach” to heart.

    In the meantime, I see you as pretty much a (muted) echo of your idol. One who says, for example, that he “used to” try to find you tube links one post after he finds, well, a youtube link.

    I guess what it all boils down to is I’ll look forward to this new you, and when I see it I’ll be sure to let you know.
    In the meantime, you are rather a bore, I’m afraid.

    Though a very loyal lapdog for your pal.

  8. Holy Missing-the-Point Batman, (your Robin post was indeed, HILARIOUS!!).

    But I think you miss the point: you taking the role of Sheriff Joe, when no one asked, smacks of a firebomb, or if you prefer, a water balloon- take your pick. Either way: we get it, you don’t like cathar, he’s a bore, he’s mean to folks, he comments on commenters, and the writing/reporting here. But who put it on you to “fix” this?

    Or is it a, “[pulling up your shirt sleeve] I’ll show him!”

    Because, unless I missed the announcement, you are not the Baristanet Public Editor. So, in that odd way: you’ve become exactly what you dislike in cathar. Funny how that works.

    But then again, I’m just a lapdog. So excuse me while I lunch on, “Fieri’s famous Vegas Fries — tossed in buffalo sauce and served with a side of bleu cheese — as well as chicken wings served three ways are among the appetizers.”

  9. I don’t need to “fix” anything, prof. I just like to get in on the fun.

    And I must say that, for someone who finds my posts boring, you sure seem to spend a lot of time reading and “replying”.

    Why not follow your own New Age advice and simply ignore them. Instead, you feel compelled to act Sheriff Joe and defend your idol while SMACKING ME DOWN, by God!

    Funny how that works.

    Be sure to add some Kibbles and Bits to those Vegas Fries, my loyal friend.

  10. (I find Big Brother 14 boring too, yet I continue to watch… Something about watching folks making a fool of themselves always gets me coming back for more. It’s a bad habit, I admit.)

    And while my words may have hurt, you don’t strike me as a fella to confuse me commenting on your posts with a Smackdown. I don’t look for the smackdown, what fun is that? You though, as I said above, seem to.

    To put it another way: you’ve drifted, or changed. You’re more fun, when you offer your thoughts and [grudgingly] “wit” to posts here. Less fun when you are, how you say, a “One Way Monkey.”

    [But go ahead and call me a lapdog, Robin, a defender, etc. The point is cathar, hasn’t changed since the beginning– love him or hate him– that consistency shows his authenticity, you sir, have changed. Sadly, not for the better, but worse: you’re no fun at all, when in the past I think you at least tried.]

  11. Oh dear! Prof thinks I’m no fun!

    I guess I’ll notv receive the invites to the estate. Won’t be party to the pig roasts and the meat grinding. Will miss out on the marathon youtube sessions and denied the opportunity to use one of the dozens of Apple devices.

    Whatever will I do?

    I think that the “accidental” leak from the Baristas — the internal communication, if you will — had you pretty well pegged. Sure you were miffed, and for a time you wandered over to the Watercooler and plied your wares there. But you came back. And back. And back.

    But you are free, as always, to simply pass over my posts. If I’m no fun, then by all means remember that life is too short to spend it having no fun. Continue, instead, your inspiring evolution to one who “listens” and “learns”. Why, it makes you a better person and at the same time serves as such an inspiration to the rest of us.

    Your words “hurt”? That’s the first funny thing you’ve said in quite some time. Now, if you’re OK with it, I must drift along, like the tumblin’ tumbleweed.

  12. I feel bad for those tumbleweeds. Still Come back soon y’hear?

    But as I wrote, watching folks making a fool of themselves always gets me coming back for more. So not commenting on your Buffoonery, will be hard.

    Especially, since you’ve devolved into a (say it with me), “One Way Monkey.”

    That said, schools starting up, so I’ll try. Thanks for the advice.

  13. Profwilliams, croiagusanam and cathar: You guys (and/or gals) are a riot, and my main source of amusement when I’m bored with everything else going on in my life. Can’t wait for your posts after the DNC starts tonight. I would have a lot to say on any given subject but I’m afraid of you people!!!!

  14. “watching folks making a fool of themselves” (SIC)—

    It is great fun, I’ll agree. Frobnitz enjoys it as well.

    Yet prof will still comment, of course. His narcissism won’t permit him to stay away for long.

    So I can look forward to more uplifting calls to “listen”, and “learn”, and perhaps even to “stop and smell the roses”.

    Can’t wait!

  15. Cathar, tell Cro what you did to Butch. I doubt if any of the current crop of Baristanetters remember Butch. Poor Butch couldn’t stand up to Cathar’s withering satire. I think Cro can. But do me a favor guys, please don’t hijack every thread with your Battling Bickerson routines. It gets old quickly.

    As as far as Fiero is concerned, he actually won on “Next Great Chef” and never had to work the line again. Fame and fortune with TV and a couple of franchise lines. The big steak thing out here is tri-tip roast, and Fiero packages a brand under his name that we tried last weekend. Classic Santa Maria spice blend on it, and it was definitely a winner.

  16. Point taken, Conan. My apologies. I have to say, though, that someone named “Butch” should be able to stand up to just about anything. Otherwise, he might as well be a “Marvin”.

    And I want to stay on your good side so as to get an invite to the hacienda next time I’m in Cali.

  17. Butch is/was a she.

    As for La Costa Plenty, you are always welcome. The guest room with the ocean view is only slightly more expensive than the one with the mountain view.

  18. Okay, the truth meter just buzzed: we don’t have an ocean “view,” but you can smell it. There are two 15-story UCSB dormitories that block our view of the Pacific. Of course the view of the dormitories can be quite soothing, also…

  19. Guy Fieri’s DD&D TV program often emphasizes local farms, fresh food, sushi, etc.

    If Sodexo expands food gathering contracts with local growers, etc that could be a win for everyone. Students, farmers, employees, etc.

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