Save Memphis NJ is holding a Memphis Mile Dog Walk on Saturday, September 15th at 11 am for the pit bull that has been embroiled in a continuing debate over his future. Memphis has been deemed unadoptable by the town of Bloomfield, and is currently being held at the town’s John A. Bukowski Shelter for Animals.

Supporters of Memphis demonstrated in front of Bloomfield’s Town Hall prior to the council meeting on Monday, and spoke at length during the public comment period.

The walk will begin in front of Bloomfield Town Hall located at 1 Municipal Plaza in Bloomfield, NJ. Dogs that are leashed are invited to attend, along with their two-legged friends.

Renowned dog trainers Jeff and Diana Coltenback, who have asked to adopt Memphis, will be leading the Memphis Mile, according to the event organizers. After the walk, water will be served to participants in Watsessing Park, across the street from Town Hall.

Organizers say the event will take place rain or shine. They’re asking attendees to please bring signs showing support for Memphis. Derogatory signs are prohibited.

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  1. pat — I sent you an email to the address you provided in an earlier thread to inquire about a lawn sign, but I didn’t hear anything back. Are the signs still available?

  2. Why not just bring Memphis to Brookdale Park and show off his interactions with the owner, strangers, children, and other dogs? I would think that neither side could argue with the results of this social experiment, whatever they may be.

  3. yes Tom- I’ll log in there and provide my address

    @budmanzz- Memphis is incarcerated in the Bloomfield Bukowski Shelter – he is not allowed out. When they recently evaluated him and videoed it you could hear all the other dogs barking like crazy. There is no respite- no peace for memphis. Jeff Coltenback has lots of videos of Memphis posted on his face book page and provided a full setto the Board of health and Bloomfield’s Town Council. Take a look. The facebook Save Memphis page also has videos. There is no need to test memphis.!/jeffcoltenback!/savememphisnj

    In any case this is all SPITE and POWER. We fear for the other dogs and cats at the shelter.

  4. This entire situation was completely avoidable. The inexperienced and unqualified kennel attendant supervisor started this by declaring Memphis unadopable when he came into the shelter. Karen Lore and F. Michael Fitzpatrick bought the story. This poor dog was kept away from the dog walker volunteers (many of whom had more years’ experience with animal shelters, shelter dogs and especially pit bulls than Kathleen Geogovich did) and off Petfinder. No one knew about him, except for the dismissed volunteers who were at the shelter when he came in. Not one of the volunteers who interacted with him or staffers who worked with him (other than Ms. Georgovich and the vet tech) had a problem with him. Memphis was always a well-behaved dog, less reactive than many of the other dogs. Oh, by the way he has no bite history. There was no real reason to keep him isolated.

    Jeff Coltenback was alerted to Memphis’ plight and offered to help him. And the fight was on. The Health officials (Karen Lore and the Board of Health) and township attorney (Brian Aloia) came up with a 5 page agreement for Jeff to sign.

    Cutting to the chase, someone decided Jeff had violated the agreement. However, if you read it it’s clear he did not. While in Jeff and Diana’s home – 8 days – he was the perfect houseguest.

    All of this could be easily and quickly settled, if Karen Lore was a rational person. She has proven herself over the years to be the opposite of rational. She has taken a stand and dug in her heels. And poor Memphis is the victim of her vindictiveness.

    I don’t know how she sleeps at night. I know I can’t thinking about Memphis and all of the other animals stuck in that place.

  5. and the poor cats who have no beds and toys because of Lore’s “streamlined cleaning” of cat cages – an no one to play with them and socialize them since there are only a handful of part-time employees.

    Did you know that even the Animal Attendant Supervisor is herself a part-time employee. Amazing that someone would sell their sould for a part-time job.

  6. By 2013, pit bulls are projected to maul 200 Americans to death. Since 1998, the year the CDC stopped tracking fatal dog attacks by dog breed, and over 250 people since 1980. Mostly children. Have your walk, but please leave “Memphis the Menace” in his cage. We’ll all be safer.
    Also, please leave my children out of your hateful responses, you don’t know me or my kids. Namaste.

  7. Have your walk, but please leave “Memphis the Menace” in his cage.

    Sheepy, what is your problem? Do you know this dog? Have you had any interaction with him? Are you a former Bloomfield/Bukowski Animal Shelter volunteer? What?

    You know nothing firsthand about this dog. Those of us who do have a real problem with your continued hateful posts. Memphis hasn’t done anything wrong and has no bite history.

    Shall we start quoting projected statistics on how many humans will rape, maime or kill in 2013? Shall we break those stats down by race? Socio/economics? Religious or sexual preferences? Political affiliations?

    Didn’t think so.

  8. 21 questions and no facts. Please don’t equate animals with people, you sound like Mathilda.

    Here are some more facts that are sure to make you foam at the mouth.
    Of the 88 fatal dog attacks recorded by, pit bull type dogs were responsible for 59% (52). This is equivalent to a pit bull killing a U.S. citizen every 21 days during this 3-year period.

    The best thing we can do for communities and pit bulls is to regulate pit bull ownership and pit bull breeding. Lowering the pit bull population will reduce the number of serious maulings, as well as pit bull euthanizations. In the July/August 2009 issue of Animal People, the group estimated that of the 1,663,167 shelter dogs projected to be euthanized in 2009, pit bulls accounted for 58%. This is true despite the fact that pit bulls only make up 5% of the total U.S. dog population.18
    Over 650 U.S. cities and nearly all privatized military housing — the U.S. Army and U.S. Marine Corps now have uniform pet policies — have adopted breed-specific laws to correct the pit bull problem. Such measures include: mandatory sterilization, liability insurance and strict containment rules. The most progressive legislation bans the future breeding of pit bulls (a pit bull ban). In just a few years, these communities see a significant drop in pit bull bites and euthanizations.

  9. OH sheepy do I really have to ask that you be put sown by the baristas again.

    Per sheepy all dog bites result in death of a human

  10. The part of my comment deleted was just a link to a picture of a pit bull victim. There are TENS of THOUSANDS of them. I’m sorry if that poor little girls face offended any one.

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